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  1. crf-bob-ecw

    oil cooler used by sobe/fc/honda team

    i know parts unlimited sells the oil coolers for the honda's. but i dont know if any place online does
  2. crf-bob-ecw

    ProWheel rims

    Hey, those wheels arent actually mine. I built them at where i work. They were for a yz 250f or 450f. Its a talon hub anodized red, spokes powder coated gloss black, nipples anodized red and black excel. And seeing the wheel in person looks even better. If you interested in prices call http://store.eastcoastwheels.com/ but i will warn you that we are super busy right now.
  3. crf-bob-ecw

    is it worth $1400

    Hey kawitilldeath. i race in d34 also in the 125 novice class (525 on a crf).
  4. crf-bob-ecw

    would anyone have a procircuit and stock pipe??

    I dunno if you've looked on ebay for different tips. i dont know if they are cheaper or the same but they look like they fit better than the pc tip would... http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/EXHAUST-TIP-TTR50-TTR125-TTR-125-TT-R125E-TT-R125_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQcategoryZ35573QQitemZ4635258368QQrdZ1 http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/EXHAUST-TIP-Yamaha-TTR125-TTR-125_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQcategoryZ35580QQitemZ4635273784QQrdZ1
  5. crf-bob-ecw

    thoughts on ttr125L vs. CRF150

    one thing i hate on the crf is how low the pegs are compared to the ttr. I would always be dragging the pegs in turns which is annoying when the pegs is stuck upwards from dirt packed underneath. Also for the ttr 125, Maier does make aftermarket plastic. They make front fenders, rear fenders, shrouds and side panels availible in black, dark blue or pink. but your still stuck with the blue tank if you go black or pink
  6. crf-bob-ecw

    Reliability of BBR 150 Sleeve

    Does the carb do a good job of getting rid of some of the hesitation the stock carb has when the track is bumpy or when landing jumps?
  7. crf-bob-ecw

    Reliability of BBR 150 Sleeve

    Hey im the one that cracked the cylinder sleeve. i wouldnt worry about reliability with the kit. I was low on oil(left side cover gasket was leaking), it was a super hot summer day at the track, I way 180 pounds and i ride the snot out of the bike. Yes the sleeve is a little thin at the bottom part, but i have never heard from anyone i know, or anyone they know, of this happening. So sorry if i scared you a little about buying it or not. but i think the kit is deffinately worth it and i will deffinately be getting another one once the funds are up again.
  8. crf-bob-ecw

    I Split the Case... Woot!!!!

    wow that doesnt look so good but i can only imagine what my gears look like... was is hard to take it all apart? what kind of tools did you need? and do you think its gunna be hard to put back together? i never got a manual but my friend has one i can borrow when i get the time to rip it apart. Oh yea i also had a piston that a piece the size of a nickel broke off the piston skirt and i also had a 150 kit where the bottom part of the sleeve cracked and broke off. so i have alot of metal to clean out
  9. crf-bob-ecw

    would anyone have a procircuit and stock pipe??

    heres the pic of the t-4 tip on the stock silencer... i didnt bolt it on cuz the bolt holes on the tip need to be drilled a little bigger for the bolt to go through it... and you can also see that it points to left instead of down. and if you turn it will point to the right and up a little or straight up and to the left a little...
  10. crf-bob-ecw

    would anyone have a procircuit and stock pipe??

    hey... the procircuit tip does fit on the ttr exhaust. the holes line up. and the t-4 can is actually smaller than the stock so you wont have to grind the edge done. Only bad thing is that the holes are not in the same spot on both pipes so the tip will be pointing to the left,right or up(not down like normal)... but if you dont want to hack the inside part of your exhaust tip off just to see what the difference is, i have an extra stock tip that was lying around that has the inside part cut off( if thats what the S/A thing is?). And im guessing putting this tip on would be the same as putting the procircuit tip on. just p.m. me your address if interested... http://i64.photobucket.com/albums/h163/crf-bob-ecw/thumpetalk002.jpg http://i64.photobucket.com/albums/h163/crf-bob-ecw/thumpetalk001.jpg
  11. crf-bob-ecw

    would anyone have a procircuit and stock pipe??

    hey, i have both those pipes for my ttr125... but i dont understand your question?
  12. crf-bob-ecw

    TT-R 125L Broken Frame!!!!!!!

    yea there not race bikes but i love riding my ttr at the track (but i do have a crf250 also). Holding the bike wide open all over the place and passing guys who are on bigger race bikes makes it fun. And im also 6' 2" and 180lbs so you can imagine how goofy i look on the bike. And the ttr's actually handle somewhat like a big bike compared to the 50s and 110s, thats why i keep forkin over the money to fix it and put better parts on it . Oh wow its 245am... im goin to bed
  13. crf-bob-ecw

    ProWheel rims

    Hey I heart ridin, heres a pic of a sweet set of wheels if you wanna get an idea of what colored spokes and nipples look like.... http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v233/thumperlady/110_1013.jpg
  14. crf-bob-ecw

    ProWheel rims

    all the stock part (spokes, nipples, rim lock) will work with the excel rims... you will only need new spokes and nipples if they freeze up on you and you cant get them apart... but sometimes they just need a little convincing....(this is good to do if the spoke is spinning in the hub, when your trying to loosen the nipple) Put vice grips on the spoke about an inch up from the nipple as tight as you can get it. Then try and break the nipple free with a spoke wrench. If they are still stuck then you prob will have cut them and buy a spoke from somewhere. But its still not to expensive to buy single spokes if you have to. Also i forgot to menchin if the nipples are stuck on the spoke and you dont want to spend the money for a couple new ones you can try spraying something like liquid wrench on the spoke to let it drip down into the nipple... Hope this helps
  15. crf-bob-ecw

    ProWheel rims

    hey there, i think if you can spend the extra 25$ a rim then i would go with the excel. From my experience the pro wheels are softer than the excel, the excel rims come truer out of the box and also i think the anodize on the excel rims is better quality. Also i think djw106 had a good idea about taping the spokes at were they cross. that way you can lay the wheel down, losen all the spokes and swap out of the rim, an the spokes will pretty much stay in the same spot and be easy to relace. If you have any trouble let me know and i'll try and talk you through it.