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  1. So it came time to replace the rear brake pads on my 06 kx250, yeah simple enough endeavor. Except that damn flathead cover you need to take off to get to the allen head bolt that goes through the pads is absolutely refusing to come off. I've soaked it in wd40, hammered on the thing to try and loosen it up and no luck. It was kind of stripped before, and now I think I'll probably need to file the edge down a bit and use a real big screwdriver ideas?
  2. primary drive, they hold up pretty well and unless your competing in the motocross nationals you won't see a difference between the steel sprockets and aluminum ones. And the steels will give you much better life.
  3. http://www.northerntool.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/product_6970_390306_390306 Just wondering if any of ya use or have used one of those topside oil extractors like this, I have a KX250 2-stroke so I only need to drain the clutch oil but the bolt is stripped, and I know that if I remove the bolt the threads are going to come with it. It looks like something like that would work well, my only question would be that any metal clutch materials might not be removed as well as using gravity.
  4. this bill is expected to come out of the house committee on transportion and hit the floor in the near future.
  5. where I come from (MA) when you take the motorcycle safety course, if you pass you do not need to take the license test. That being said, don't worry about it, the road test for bikes is stupidly easy, it involves usually starting, doing a couple figure 8s without putting your feet down, and coming to a stop, securing your bike, dismounting paying some huge fee and getting your license.
  6. xbreaka

    06' KX250 vs YZ250

    the engines are damn near identical, both very good power. The yami has the aluminum frame, and a bit more updated suspension. However after riding both my the KX seems to hook up better but thats just me. Really its a matter of personal preference because they are so close in terms of performance.
  7. Yeah my mistake, I only ever raced NESC at southwick and didn't see the 65s or 50s. I saw the 80s, and 100s though
  8. xbreaka

    How Do I Build A Double?

    one take off, and then however many feet away a landing double = profit
  9. congrats on joining the BRP(big red pig) owners club
  10. I called the representative who put the legislation in today, what a clueless guy. He basically kept giving me the, I'm just trying to protect the children speech. He then went on to say that he really didn't know what was in the bill, that law enforcement and environmental groups wrote the legislation and that he just put it into congress. As for racing, he told me that if I get in touch with my local rep. she might be able to put in an amendment to exempt those rules from applying at mx races. When I asked him what to tell the kids who ride 50s 65s and 80s when they are no longer able to participate in a sport they love, he said "Tell them to wait until they are older when they have more mature judgement to be riding these things" People piss me off sometimes.
  11. its already passed the senate and the house here, and the governor is expected to sign it.
  12. http://www.capecodonline.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20080701/OPINION/807010324 Well the day has come, the Mass senate has successfully passed legislation which our great governor deval is expected to sign. Heres basically how it breaks down. -No one under the age of 14 may operate a recreational vehicle, you heard it right all the kids who race 50s,65s and 85s who are under 14 are SOL -Between the ages of 14-16 you are limited to a motorcycle with a 90cc engine, however a provision was included that will allow bigger engine sizes when direct supervision is available. So this saves alot of the 125 class and 250 class guys are are 15-16, however once at home they cannot ride their motorcycles. -Registration with state complete with large fees by September -All riders under 18 must pay for, and attend a training course So yeah, the peoples republic of mass just hit us hard...I expect to see Capeway rovers one of the massachusetts tracks that caters more to smaller bikes(southwick doesn't race 50s and 65s) to loose lots of business, and possibly shut down. Full text of bill here - http://www.mass.gov/legis/bills/senate/185/st02pdf/st02735.pdf
  13. I know this belongs in legislation section, but this is to important and I think it would get more exposure here. Below is an article from the Cape Cod Times By DAVID KIBBE TIMES BOSTON BUREAU June 06, 2008 BOSTON — A bill that would prohibit children under the age of 14 from operating ATVs, motorized dirt bikes and snowmobiles won a favorable recommendation from the Legislature's Transportation Committee yesterday. The bill still faces a long road to passage. The House chairman of the committee, Rep. Joseph Wagner, D-Chicopee, abstained from the vote, a sign he may not put his weight behind the bill. Wagner could not be reached for comment yesterday. The proposal now awaits possible action by the full House before the legislative session ends July 31. The legislation, filed by Rep. Matthew Patrick, D-Falmouth, and redrafted by the committee, would allow teens between 14 and 16 to operate recreational vehicles if they are actively supervised by an adult. Those teens would also be restricted to vehicles with an engine no larger than 90cc. Under current law, children as young as 10 years old can legally operate recreational vehicles while under adult supervision. Opponents have called the new proposed restriction misguided, saying children over 10 can drive ATVs and similar vehicles responsibly. Patrick was studying the details of the redrafted bill. It was Patrick's intent to still allow young riders to compete in sanctioned events and competitions. He filed the bill after a series of accidents, including the death of a 13-year-old Forestdale boy five years ago. The teen was killed when he was thrown from a motorized dirt bike while riding on a wooded trail near the Massachusetts Military Reservation. Patrick said his motivation is "to save lives." "Children are riding these things at upwards of 50 mph through the woods and getting seriously injured and killed," he said. His proposal would require snowmobiles and ATVs to be registered with the state. It would also make adults who own recreational vehicles share the liability for damages or injuries if they knowingly allow someone under 18 to use their ATVs. Lawmakers are also targeting dangerous and reckless driving. The legislation would set penalties of $250 to $1,000 on a first offense for reckless and negligent use of ATVs and other recreational vehicles in a way that threatened public safety and lives. The offense would also carry a jail term of 30 days to two years. Nationwide, more than 254,000 ATV-related injuries were reported in hospitals and doctor offices in 2000, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Children under 16 accounted for about 40 percent of the total ATV injuries and deaths, the commission found. David Kibbe can be reached at dkottaway@aol.com. ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))0 Basically this means that if you are 14-16 and you race, you can ride a larger than 90cc bike at the track, but fire that thing up at home and you are breaking the law. I don't know about you guys, but If I was 16 and told the biggest bike I could ride was a 90cc I would not be happy. The bill is proposed by rep matthew patrick http://www.mattpatrick.org/ Official Email Rep.MatthewPatrick@Hou.State.MA.US Full bill here http://www.mass.gov/legis/bills/house/185/ht03/ht03592.htm
  14. xbreaka

    Kx125 clutch cable.

    You have to take off the cover where there are all those little bolts, heres a picture The clutch cable goes into there, and connects to a little lever thing inside
  15. hey guys, a friend of mine did my seals recently and when he install the caps on top of the forks, well one is reverse of the other, and I have a real feeling that they arent on a equal footing in terms of adjustment. I am going to back both all the way soft and then adjust from there, but does anyone know the stock settings in terms of clicks? Thanks guys