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    model airplanes,trains my CRF150,sewing
  1. SoCal150

    washout in sand

    Sarge1991 hey thanx I ordered Maxxis IT F/R cant wait to test. keep you updated
  2. SoCal150

    Another newbie - Calgary riders?

    Hey, Cool we have the same story its hard to keep up with "DA Boyz" I don't think experienced riders mind riding with newbies, they just take turns doing the rounds most of the time! I sit out a few runs so I don't get I do ask a million questions about rides and how long what terrain and so on....before i head out stick to your level girlfriend Sorry, Calgary I don't think is close Have Fun and be Careful!!!!
  3. SoCal150

    Lowering The CRF150

    husband lowered my CRF150 by a couple of inches by lowering springs in back as much as possible as to keep me safe. I'm 5'4 and can handle bike so much better shop suggested shaving seat... I also use a step (mini cooler) for kick starting when bike is cold
  4. SoCal150

    washout in sand

  5. SoCal150

    washout in sand

    I saw the dunlops in a magazine with really cool red rims i can not believe how expensive rims can be, how crazy is that????? my plan was to switch to a bigger rim for better tires but unsure if 150 can go with bigger rim in front? so i guess i am gonna go with a better tire till i figure out if you can switch rims around. Honda shops are tired of my questions and calling so I joined thumper talk.
  6. SoCal150

    washout in sand

    Heeheeeee those things are heavy and big did try one over the weekend and kept putting my foot down I am sticking to the two wheels for now cheers
  7. SoCal150

    washout in sand

    this will be my third year riding this bike and i am just starting to like it there is no excuses on my riding techniques other than i am a gal and trying to keep up with the experienced male gender on two wheels i wish there was another gal in our group who rides two wheels so I can hang with Okay, so compression is good!!!! thank you
  8. SoCal150

    washout in sand

    Okay,cool that sounds pretty cheap...$22 can't beat that Thanx
  9. SoCal150

    washout in sand

    My front steering wants to washout in sand. Will a wider front tire help? thanx