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  1. ajd187

    When should you move up from a 125?

    I know a 42 year old expert who still rides his 125 on occasion. I'd say never
  2. ajd187

    rocky mountain discount codes ?

    If someone has one that they can PM me that'd be awesome. No problem sharing back...I'm buying an FMF Gnarly so it would be a big savings
  3. This happened to a very good friend of mine. It's super disappointing because we are racing buddies and ride together all the time. If you see a CRF250X that matches this description (or any parts) please shoot me a PM! It was taken overnight from Hogback Hill Motocross in Palmyra, NY on 8/3, between 1 and 6 am. Probably closer to 4 am. Other facts: there is a person of interest. Also, a camper was seen leaving the track at 7:30 am on 8/3 which was before racing started. My bike was just stolen/taken from hogback hill honda with 824 on it spread the word if you could. 2007 honda 250x woods bike with ve33 rear and washugal front tire and barkbusters. Red anodized rear hub, lexx pipe. Even without numbers it would stand out It also has a number plate and no headlight. The headlight was at home when it was stolen. It's probably one of few CRF250Xs without a headlight! VIN JH2ME11027M300091
  4. I'm not adverse to it but my insurance is really screwing me these days. Obamacare has led to us paying more for EEVERYTHING and almost full price for such "elective" procedures as mid-pregnancy ultrasounds (which are, of coruse, completely necessary..). Thanks for the suggestion though, I will make some calls since that is the right thing to do.
  5. I have some moderate hip pain on the right side. I am trying to figure out what to do treatment wise. Hoping Dr. Mark can help with this. Yes, I know I could go see an ortho but that'll cost me $$$ so I'm trying to decide before I go. I took that route with shoulder impingment and it was $475 for X-Rays, an ultrasound, a cortisone shot, and telling me to go to PT (which did work, by the way)..... I'm a tall rider (6-2) and rather slow in the woods. I put my feet down A LOT. Probably too much. A few times my right leg has gotten caught on something and probably hyper extended the hip in the process. Especially with the extra weight of a size 13 riding boot on it. I am working on this behavior and doing it less now. I also do Crossfit 3-4 times a week. And was a runner for probably 17 of the last 20 years. This has been going on for a few years but recently with in the last year or so the hip has started to bother me. Sometimes while running. Almost all the time while squatting and lunging, especially when at the "bottom" of a squat. Certain jumping movements do it too. And of course while riding, namely when kicking the bike and putting my foot out in turns. I can also feel a "clicking" sensation in the hip when I put my hand on it while walking. This doesn't happen on the left side. I did some research into this, and a few things have come up: Snapping Hip Hip Impingement Bursitis Torn Labrum I'm kind of lost here. Is my description enough to figure out what this might be? I do plan on making an appointment - just trying to make sure I'm doing it the right way.
  6. Agreed. The 200 XC-W has a very similar powerband to a 250F, but without the extra weight.
  7. I have a 200XC-W. I'm 250lbs with gear on and previously owned a YZ250F and a YZ250. C rider, mid pack on a good day. It's the best bike I have owned, and I wish I had started on it. Super easy to ride and great fun. I've also ridden a 250XC and that is fun bike too. Both very smooth and tractor like power.
  8. ajd187

    Dealer fees for new bikes

    I've seen at least two people buy KTMs this way but they both may have had an "in"
  9. I've been doing my own work for a long time. It was something that I look on pretty quickly after getting into this sport, and realizing the low quality and high cost of dealership labor. I will take my stuff to a good shop that I trust if it gets really complex, but for the most part, I do my own. I can do it faster, and way cheaper.
  10. Why not just find someone that is close to you (like within a 4-5 hour drive) and do it that way? then you can pay cash in person, and if you don't want the bike after seeing it in person, you're good to go. I have bought and sold several bikes this way and it always works well. I had a guy come from Canada to buy a DRZ400 (6 hours one way), and one come from Ohio to buy an RM65 (4.5 hours one way).
  11. ajd187

    Erin Bates hot or not?

    I agree with the poster who said that DD will not look that good upon aging 12-15 years or so. I believe the term is "ridden hard and put away wet" and that is definitely the case with that one. Right now though, no comparison between a freshly augmented 22 year old and the 35 year old "scene reporter".
  12. Go to school for engineering if your math skills are good. You will working 40 hours a week, and make good money. You may not end up working in dirtbikes but you'll have enough money and time to ride as much as you'd like. Screw MMI, UTI, etc. You will only end up with a bunch of debt and working in a shop making little money, a job you can probably get without the debt of going to one of those schools.
  13. ajd187

    Erin Bates hot or not?

    She may have been hot a few years ago. But next to Dianna Dahlgren she looks like/is an old lady. It's very hard to look like and be compared to a 22 year old when you're pushing 35.
  14. ajd187

    Do I have a possible case in Court?

    That is a 14 year old race bike. Stuff happens especially when it is that old. I would say you have no case, if you sue Yamaha, they will probably laugh you out of court.
  15. ajd187


    DIY, it's much better that way. You will learn a skill, and then you can charge your friends for helping them if you need some extra beer or money.