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  1. morphmania48

    PW50 Making me crazy...er

    I always drain the float bowl after every ride. I was tired of cleaning the carb after the bike sat for more than 2 weeks. Bad gas is hard on those little jets.
  2. morphmania48

    Desert 100 pictures?

    Does anyone know who the guy in the vendor area was with the professional pictures. The guy with the trailer with cpu screens to look through. It was crowded and full when I went by and was hoping to find a few pics from him. What is his website, if he has one??? Thanks for the help...........
  3. Does any one have a list of upcoming eventes in Eastern Washington and N. Idaho. Poker runs, iron man, team races, anything would help. Thanks
  4. Just wanted to find out what kind of team races and poker runs are out there. Mainly in Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho. Does anyone know of any websites with listings, any help on this would be great. Thanks
  5. morphmania48

    What are the ages of riders in this Forum???

    24 and Loving every second that I can get on two wheels