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  1. uktech1

    Does anyone make a better/stronger starter motor?

    The starter did stop working. I pulled it apart (what a bitch to get it out ) and found the brushes were worn and the wire to one of them was broken. Fitted a new set of brushes but now it doesn't turn with enough power. Battery is good and fully charged so it needs a new armature which isn't available on it's own so I'll need a complete new motor for $250.
  2. Is there an alternative to the oem starter motor or is there maybe someone who can rewind the stock armature for more power? I don't think the bike really needs it but it might be handy.
  3. uktech1

    Converting DRZ400S to Supermoto - Help ???

    What were the differences between the swingarms? I know the caliper bracket mount is different but was the SM shorter/longer, wider, stronger?
  4. uktech1

    Jetting for a FCR41 on a DRZ450SM?

    Thanks Eddie, I'll try and get the 39mm back. I measured the carb across the mouth on the motor side and that measured about 41mm but on closer inspection it looks like it tapers toward the slide - lesson learned. I'm curious as to why this FCR40 won't work on the DRZ. Physically it seems like it will fit. Is it the big hole instead of the air jet that's the problem?
  5. uktech1

    Jetting for a FCR41 on a DRZ450SM?

    Ok I pulled my finger out and did some research. I think it's a FCR of a CRF450. The jetting it came with is: Main 170 Pilot 42 Needle OBEL R - 5th groove Pilot Air 100 Main Air just seems to be a big hole, no threaded jet. Thank you for your help Eddie. Here's some pics of the carb.
  6. uktech1

    Jetting for a FCR41 on a DRZ450SM?

    OOPS! It's definitely an FCR with a 41mm bore. I guess it's off something else. YZF maybe?
  7. I'm trying to get a good starting point for the jetting before I put the bike back together. The bike is a DRZ400SM 2005. I've just fitted a 450 big bore and stage 1 inlet and exhaust cams from Hot Cams. I'll be running the stock header (for the moment) with a Hindle pipe and a 3x3 hole in the airbox. I'll be riding at sea level (San Jose, CA). I had a FCR39 but swapped it for an FCR41 from a WR450F. It was only after that I read that the 39 would have worked fine:bonk: I'm looking for any recommended jetting settings for the FCR41 to start off with. Thanks
  8. I'm looking for something used, more in the $2000 - $3000 range.
  9. Which green sticker 4 stroke 250's have electric start (CRF250X) or auto decompressor (pre '03 WR/YZF with '03 cam fitted)? What years? Are the CRF and WR the only ones? What years/model of CRF are green sticker? I know there's the TTR's but I'm looking for something with decent suspension? Any ideas? Thanks:thumbsup:
  10. Is there another needle that would work in a FCR39 on a DRZ apart from the EMN? OR Is there anywhere else to get a EMN needle from apart from Sudco? I need to sort my jetting before the 21st and Sudco won't have the EMN till early Feb:cry:
  11. Sudco don't have any EMN needles and won't till early Feb. Is there anywhere else that I can get the needle from?
  12. So here's what I'm running at the moment: '05 DRZ 400SM FCR MX 39 Main jet 162 Needle (OBEKR) 4th groove down Pilot jet 42 Main Air 200 Pilot air 100 Screw 2 1/4 out With the stock pipe (end cap drilled out) it worked great. I just fitted a Hindle can which I think was for an E model as the link pipe was loose on the stock header (made a sleeve to take up the gap). After fitting the pipe the throttle was a bit snatchy low down and the top end fuelling was completely out to the point of not reving out at all. Things were a little better when I fitted the spark arrester, more back pressure I guess, but still not good. I've been trolling about TT and it seems the EMN needle is a must for the FCR. Would this help/sort the fueling or is it maybe the pipe that's the problem? I'll probably get it run up on a dyno but I'd like to get as close as I can before that.