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  1. It's done in HD on Final cut pro. The full res version looks pretty sweet. Thanks for looking.
  2. Here's a photo story from this Springs Moab trip. Large file http://www.dannymccarty.tv/moab.mov Small file http://www.dannymccarty.tv/msm.mov
  3. I would watch out for Fugi. He's owed me cash for a year now.
  4. A couple of us are heading to Bend in the morning to hunt out some fresh single track. Any ideas as to where to go?
  5. I carry it on the street and the trails. It's "I'm OK" feature saves me from getting a ear full when things run longer than usual. It's worth every penny if you need it and the tracking feature is cool. I don't use it though.
  6. If he is I'd like to join the ride. A buddy and I are coming down from Hood River to explore the area.. We need to know where to go.
  7. Gotcha. It's a great effect BTW. Are you using a 5D?
  8. Hay Dave those are great shots. What process did you use on them to get that great contrast and softness?
  9. I'll come by and help. Could you post a map to the staging area?
  10. I just moved to Hood River and am looking for riders also. PM me or send me a email when you're going out next!
  11. Not yet. With the rains we've had you'd think they would open it back up.
  12. I'm moving to Hood River this summer and thought I might come up for this while I'm doing a recon for the family. I've done a couple Enduros here in California. Do you think I would be able to handle the "A" trails. I'm not familiar with the terrain up there.
  13. Nice pics. Slow azz site.
  14. Thanks for looking! That shot of Borat is funny as hell.