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  1. M1Tanker

    good place to ride in idaho without snow right now

    The entire Owyhees up to 6,000 feet are snow-free. Tanky®
  2. M1Tanker

    Idaho Desert: Am I Missing Something?

    Rabbit was pretty packed on Sunday too. I did a solo run up to the snow line in the Owyhees (I guess 5,800 feet) then got back and tagged along with some people I met there. We rode over to Hemmingway to check it out... packed. There must have been 50 bikes. I have NG drill this coming weekend but may try and ride to Idaho City on Friday morning. I heard a rumor that the road is open. Any takers? Steve
  3. M1Tanker

    Gel seat DIY

    Check this out: Gel bicycle shorts. Steve
  4. M1Tanker

    Gel seat DIY

    Well, as much as I like the idea of wearing a diaper (no, really), I was thinking gel-biker shorts or the gel just sewn into the buttflap on the back of the riding pants. Steve (who has no butt and needs gel-implants)
  5. M1Tanker

    Gel seat DIY

    For those of us on a budget and with multiple bikes, is there a way to sew the jel into riding pants? Would this even be a good idea? Steve
  6. M1Tanker

    Idaho Desert: Am I Missing Something?

    I'll be at Rabbit Creek Sunday at 10am. Black Jeep green trailer. I rode for a few hours on Friday. I'm sore today. Steve
  7. M1Tanker

    Best Dual Sport

    Have you concidered a Honda XL600V? Honda only imported them in 1989 and 1990. Going price is $3000-$5000. Cons: 400lbs, little clearance, hard to stand on, performance in loose gravel. Pros: 50mpg at 85mph, 120mph top speed, luggage space, range (225 miles before reserve), street/commute ability. I had a 1990 from 1997 till 2001 and put 50,000 trouble-free miles on it including nine 1,000-mile days (one was 1,204 miles). It was a great bike to take on long trips and use a fire road/desert road explorer. So long as the ground was hard, it was fine in the dirt. The wind protection is great and it can carry a passenger comfortabily. Hard luggage is available for longer trips. For me, it was nice to have a dual-sport that I could not worry about trailering to go ride. Steve
  8. M1Tanker

    Idaho Desert: Am I Missing Something?

    Yeah, it's gonna be cold. I was thinking of getting there at noon on sunday. It was 15 or something last night. Anyway, I have a black Jeep and a green snowmobile trailer. Maybe I'll see ya there! Steve
  9. M1Tanker

    Idaho Desert: Am I Missing Something?

    Anyone up for a ride this weekend? I'll be at Hemmingway Trailhead at about 9am on Sunday. It's gonna be COLD! Steve
  10. M1Tanker

    New/Old XR600R

    I just got a 1999 XR600R. The bike is in great shape; no scratches in the tank, a few on the front fender, unwrinkled seat foam, original tires with little wear, and the stock chain. Cost was $2,200. It was owned by a guy who had lots of bikes and didn't like it much so it sat at the back of his garage. For what it is worth, the bike started on the first real kick after having sat outside in below freezing weather all day. My question is, what sort of problems should I be looking for on a bike that has been sitting for a few (possibly a lot) of years? I used to own an XL600V and got it with 1,000 miles when it was 7 years old. One of the floats sunk, the chain was dry-rotted, and the tires were all hard and plasticly from sitting. In other news, I don't have a way to carry it to go ride. Any thoughts on the Class III hitch-mount bike carriers? Are they legal? Thanks a bunch. Steve
  11. M1Tanker

    Idaho Desert: Am I Missing Something?

    Hi ya'll. First post. I'm new to Boise and have been away from riding for five years. I used to ride a 1984 XR350R and 1990 XL600V both of which I sold before I joined the Army and moved to Germany. Today I bought a 1999 XR600R complete with original tires. Unfortunately, I've put the cart before the horse and don't have a way to get the bike anywhere since I am pickup/trailerless. I've been Jeeping in the desert south of Boise for a month or so now and saw lots of trails down by Grasmere and south of Marsing. Anyway, I don't have a job and I am dying to get back in the saddle. Any time ya'll want to ride, I'll be there. Steve