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    My TE 610 wont start.

    Hi All, I'm new to this forum and reading some of the posts I can see there are some knowledgeable people out there. Anyway, here is my first posting. Could anyone out there give me some advice on the following. I have a 1991 TE 610 (Kick Start) that refuses to start. I rode to work in the morning and it refused to start at the end of the day. The bike has petrol and I get a spark at the spark plug. Petrol is also getting through to the cyclinder. I think the problem is electrical as prior to this I noticed the lights were very dim. As far as I am aware the ignition is controlled by the CDI so there is no way to check the timing. Is the any way to check the ignition system components. ie, generator, CDI, voltage regulator I have spoken to several Husky dealers and they reckon the ignition parts are no-longer available for this model but a complete system off a later TE will be. Is this correct? Does the ignition system from any other bikes fit my Husky? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Knee_Tremble