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  1. kkim

    2018 FE350 Linkage Question...

  2. kkim

    Should I Join the Club?

    This link is invaluable for 230 owners. Have fun! https://docs.google.com/document/d/1mEsw891e5HUdLIrq4yYQzm2QCsRgK-ihDkrL_fu7_iA/pub#h.fjc0qb83l6oe
  3. Maybe rebleeding the system might help?
  4. You're welcome. Bar risers are Enduro Engineering. I just used what I had to cobble the parts together to make it work. Once I find a combo that works, I usually leave things alone as to not introduce other unforeseen consequences. Good suggestion on the 90 fitting, though. Thanks.
  5. I'm using Enduro Engineering handguards for fat bars. I have renthal 605's on the bike. The Clake is physically larger than the stock unit, so I had to flip the inside mount for the guards so it would clear the adjuster knob for the Clake lever tension. The handguard inboard mounts have a little curve to them to normally clear the clutch hydraulic line and with them flipped, it is a perfect cutout for the adjuster. I also had to use some washers to space the handguard out a bit to clear the outward lever position of the Clake. It may look a bit weird, but it clears/operates fine and the clutch feel improvement is well worth the time and money.
  6. I have a Clake One on my 250FE. Do it, you won't regret it. I figure if I ever sell the bike, I'll put the original back on the bike and save the Clake for my next bike. It made the clutch pull so light, I had to adjust some resistance back into lever pull to get a better "feel" for where the clutch bites. It works that well.
  7. kkim

    After market exhaust

    Thank you for your thoughts on the subject.
  8. kkim

    After market exhaust

    4.1 might be a bit too loud for where we ride (state park). Do you have any thoughts on the Q4 vs stock exhaust with screen removed? Are there any gains the Q4 would provide over the stock can?
  9. kkim

    After market exhaust

    What exhaust would you recommend for a 17 FE250?
  10. kkim

    Broke Spigot on Intake, :(.. Now what?

    I broke that brass spigot too when trying to remove it. To get the broken piece out, I heated it up with a butane torch and used an extractor on it, but it still would not budge. I finally ended up using JB weld on the hole while trying to push as much as I could into the hole and leaving a good sized blob of it on the exterior. If/when it fails, I'll go back in and tap the brass plug and put a screw in it. What a nightmare, but fortunately the bike runs great with this fix in place. If I were to do this over, I'd leave the plug alone and just put a rubber vacuum cap on it with a small tie wrap on it to hold it in place. I never expected the fitting to break, but live and learn, I guess.
  11. kkim

    The TPS adjustment thread

    Need some help... Brand new 2017 FE250 that I had sent the suspension off to be redone. While it was down, I installed an emissions delete kit and installed the TPS reader. Bike is now back together and have been playing with the TPS adjustment and have settled on .63, but now I have the FI light come on steady after a few minutes of running. First, what does a solid FI light mean and second, could this be related to the TPS reader constantly installed while I tune or more emissions delete related? Bike runs great other than the FI light being on. Anyone have a similar experience?
  12. Thanks. Knowing this, I'll change it sooner rather than later.
  13. After reading this thread, I've purchased the Brembo slave piston to replace the piston in the Magura clutch slave cylinder. I also purchased an extra gasket for the slave assembly at the same time. Total cost- $51. Once the slave starts leaking, I'll do the replacement and hopefully that will be the end of this problem. I intend to replace the clutch master with a Clake One to make the clutch pull as light as I can get it. Yes, use DOT 4 or 5.1 and NOT 5.0. My bike is a leftover 17 250FE that I've had for less than a month. Haven't even ridden it yet. Shame on Husqvarna for not doing a recall on the slave assembly.
  14. Cool! Could you elaborate on what exactly it did for the bike? Also, what other engine mods have you done?
  15. kkim

    Rear Footpeg Position Mod (PICS)

    I was fortunate enough to snag a set of the first batch of brackets that were produced. I bought some used crf250 footpegs and brackets off of eBay for $20 and mounted up the new brackets and pegs about a week ago. I'm happy to say I did not need to modify my brake pedal or shifter. Size 8 boots and everything works as they should. New riding position feels much more "natural" than the forward peg location of the stock pegs. This is a great mod and one that I have been waiting for for many years. The rearward relocation of the pegs and the slimmer feel of the bike is a welcome plus for me. Thanks xplodee! This is a genius move on your part.