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  1. No, I was not wearing one of the donuts. I can't really say if it would have made a difference w/ my back injury, as I have no experience wearing one. It might have prevented the broken ribs though. Haven't thought of wearing one before.........now.
  2. Hi Guys, I'm new to the forum, wow, lots of good information here. I had a spill about 6 months ago, left hand sweeper 4th gear, power hesitation, highsided into air like superman. I tucked my head and tried to "roll out of it" so to speak. The bottom of my helmet broke a couple of my left ribs just below my sternum. I've recovered from that, but my head/neck was stretched downward(jaw into my chest). Now I have a "dead spot" in the middle of my back between my shoulderblades. No pain really, but feels like I have two balloons in the shape of "hot dogs" on each side of my spine. Sometimes it feels as if "they are inflated", sometimes not. I still ride and don't experience pain. Has anyone had this?