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  1. xxxrated

    SM newbie... CCM 404

    was going to pick myself up another sportsbike the other week but i got intrested in the idea of a SM and it was at that point i thought why not! and im pleased to say since picking it up its been an absolute riot. wanted the bike as a daily rider so that ruled out alot of the more focused SM's and i was pondering on the thought of a DRZ400 but the spec of the CCM was alot better in my eyes and 2nd hand prices of both of these bikes made the CCM even more desirable! feels a bit breathless but then again ive just jumped off an RSV onto it so i wasnt expecting much. but the front wheel will go skywards off the throttle in 1st and with a dump of the clutch in 2nd. handling is absolutely superb even with a shoddy dunlop gpr80 on the rear, all my sportsbikes have been very well setup suspension wise but none have given me the feedback that this does. my only gripe with the bike is the front brake. yes in all fairness it stops you but it gives absolutely no feedback whatsoever. looking to upgrade to at least a half decent 4 pot setup asap. anyway heres a few pics. i also have enduro wheels + tyres but sadly no pics with them on the bike as of yet: the rest can be found here: http://www.bikepics.com/members/xxxrated0607/05404e/
  2. xxxrated

    big air (volume 1)

    its hard to stereotype the US as most of you are pretty cool guys but at the same time there seems to be a good amount of cocks aswell. i named it big air as thats what i intend on calling the rest when i progress, as you can see there is no equipment there at the moment to be getting some big air off as im building the ramps in work which i need to get transported to the destination so i can use. ive only been riding 2 months and thats my 3rd outing at trying jumps so im pretty happy with my progrss tbh. pitbikeguy why shouldnt i make a little movie, i take a camera with my so i can look at my technique and see what im doing wrong so i can improve, dont see nowt wrong with chucking together a little move for a bit of fun. the UK forums were good enough to give me some constructive ctitisicm and actually help me, the majority of you are a joke tbh.
  3. xxxrated

    big air (volume 1)

    weve all gotta start somewhere mate, being as ive only been riding a couple of months on a £300 pit bike im happy with my progress. maybe the next instalment will get you a bit more exited. were not all as gifted as you
  4. xxxrated

    big air (volume 1)

    why did you start watching it when i stated in the post i didnt have 1. dork
  5. xxxrated

    big air (volume 1)

    nowt special at the moment as im waiting to get a 6 foot tabletop built and a 4-5 foot kicker into the bombhole. thought id post it non the less though. oh and ive only started trying tricks today so they suck lol: http://media.putfile.com/big-air-volume-1 and before anyone says im still waiting for my helmet to arrive
  6. xxxrated

    ebay rear shock

    as above dont waste your money. have a look on monstermotos website they have an amazing shock for £96.
  7. xxxrated

    no muffler

    what bike is it on, 90% of pit bike mufflers do not ciontain any restriction and would have no benefit from removing in. the only thing you will get out of it is premature deafness.
  8. xxxrated

    Pitster Bog

    have a read of this mate will help you on your way: http://justkdx.dirtrider.net/printcarbtuning.html
  9. xxxrated

    Pitster Bog

    1/9 to 1/4 throttle judging that it is a carb problem will mean its either the pilot jet or the throttle valve
  10. xxxrated

    Maintenance on Pit Bikes

    some people have no initiative these days - http://www.bbrmotorsports.com/Home.htm and yes its the same for the chink reps
  11. xxxrated

    Maintenance on Pit Bikes

    check the bbr site. theres a step by step video on there
  12. xxxrated

    carb size ssr

    well my carb is 25mm and i use a 1.50 inch air filter
  13. xxxrated

    carb size ssr

    you work different to the uk then. but the fact still stands that if you measure the internal diameter of the air filter, the piece that connects to the carb then the shop can measure it and sort you out
  14. xxxrated

    carb size ssr

    dosent matter on the size just measure the diameter of the air filter, the part that goes on to the carb. youll probably find it will either be 1.25 inches or 1.50 inches
  15. xxxrated

    1st bike

    i have the 125cc version, bits and bobs need changing such as tyres, pads and chain but take a look for yourself: http://www.savefile.com/files/6952974