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    Disc problem in my back

    A bit of history........... Had lots of back pain then in late 04 my back gave up the ghost. L5 S1 disc herniated and i lost feeling in alot of my left leg and foot. Jan 05 i had a discectomy on said disc. By then it had almost healed on its own, ie the disc matter had pulled away from the nerves it was affecting, but i had the op as i didnt want it reoccuring. After the op, it played up a bit, i had a bit of sciatic pain but a tens machine got rid of it. All seemed ok and i raced supermoto a few times (novice, very slow) during 06. In September 06 however it reoccurred and i was in agony, had an MRi and the same disc has prolapsed again and i lost feeling down my left leg and the left hand sole of my foot and little toe. I get pain but dont take pain killers, it stops me riding any bikes.......i have a trials bike which i rode for half an hour on the road and on some very easy offroad tracks, no jumps just hard packed trail. My back has been hurting for a couple of days now. I cant surf anymore, play soccer, run, ride pushbikes etc etc. I can however walk. I have hit a plateau now and dont seem to be getting any better at all, i have been going to the gym and doing core work and light weights. Cross trainer and started doign a bit of Pilates. I swam a couple of times per week but my back used to hurt and i would rest for a week or so and it would feel better. To be honest i haven't trained for a few weeks now as i am p1ssed off. My back has not got much better for the last 3-4 months. I still have the lack of feeling problems and get pain. What do i do? my osteopath has said dont get operated on again.....last resort he said. There is a higher chance of something going wrong this time due to scar tissue etc. Is my nerve totally damaged now due to the disc pushing on it for the last 6 months? will i ever get my feeling back and be fairly normal again or is the way i am now the best its going to get? Everyone has said to leave it and see how it is......well i have and its not that much better but i dont want to end up in a wheelchair either if surgery goes wrong. Anyone got any experience, i am pretty fed up now. Cheers Bully sorry for the long post.
  2. Bully1970

    GasGas JT250 Trials bike

    Yeah i know, wanted to get to them when i travelled around CA....didnt have time...too many other great places.
  3. Bully1970

    GasGas JT250 Trials bike

    lol no i dont think so, i live on a small island off the coast of France. a UK manual would be good...any ideas?
  4. Bully1970

    Herniated Disc - Surgery Or Alternative?

    Here is my 2 cents. I currently have a prolapsed disc in my lower back...different i know but.. Had and operation 2 years ago to clip the edge of the disc off. 2 months ago the same disc prolapsed again and i couldnt move i was in so much pain. My surgeon said operate again....no thanks. Had 2nd opinion from a spine specialist, he says if it isnt affecting my life too much (apart from my sports) too leave it and see how it is in 6 months. He said the body will absorb the matter which is pushing into my nerves at the moment, it will just take time. He advised me to do Pilates and lots of specific stretching etc for my condition. I also see an Osteopath who help me alot, he manipulates, uses acupuncture etc and it really helps (i was a sceptic). I can now do light exercise and am back to work. I hope to be back to supermoto racing late next year and full time in 08. Surgery is a last chance attempt when ALL other paths have failed imo. Hope you get sorted soon.
  5. Bully1970

    GasGas JT250 Trials bike

    I got a 1994 GasGas JT250 for messing around on. Any ideas where to get a manual for it? I have searched the net but cant find anything. Cheers Bully
  6. Bully1970

    GasGas JT250 Trials bike

    Hi, I recently picked up a 1994 JT250 Trials bike for messing around on. Anyone got any ideas where i can get a manual from? I have looked around the net but cant find anything.