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  1. carolina adventure world is very close to you
  2. Brushy mountain is the best riding in the area, its about 90 miles from you. Post up here for riding partners to show you around up their.
  3. NorthCarolina

    Brushy was great today, conditions were perfect, parking lot full.
  4. NorthCarolina

    They last a long time, Brushy used to sell them and I have had a lot of good luck with them lasting and gripping like no other.
  5. NorthCarolina

    Joe whear did you get that tire it was my favorite but its really hard to find. We hit Brushy ST today, they have a new really fun hillclimb by the office right next to the ski slope hill climb
  6. NorthCarolina

    bob brushy will be plenty dry sat, Ill be their , come join us on some single track
  7. conditions were prime at brushy today,
  8. NorthCarolina

    Joe does your co-worker have any idea what he is getting into ha ha
  9. NorthCarolina

    My dang eye is still swallon shut,
  10. NorthCarolina

    Joe Ill keep a eye out for you guys
  11. NorthCarolina

    Joe Im going sat 9am with two other guys if you need anyone to ride with.
  12. NorthCarolina

    the grill is great it will be open sat and sunday, not friday, they also have a shower and a small selection of parts tires oils etc... weather looks to be perfect for your trip, if you like to test your skills to the max 5b and the enduro trail are for you.
  13. NorthCarolina

    Joe I, trying to go friday, can you make it?? probaly get their 12ish
  14. 300xc