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  1. racer514

    07 and up brake master

    I dont know, mrmmoto says the opposite and has pictures to prove it JJ...LOL Thanks guys
  2. racer514

    07 and up brake master

    So I am told the master on the 07 and up is a redesign from previous generations. My question is regarding where the line and banjo bolt go in.... I am converting my Husky (sorry, wanted a plate but wish I had a Honda) to CRF from brake master but the line hits the handlebar and doesnt allow me to rotate my levers down to riding position. The one I have is from an 05-06 so I am curious if the new design from the 07 and up has a different location for the line to come in that may allow me to rotate my levers down to where i need them.
  3. I need a starter and starter gear for my sons 04 TE250. Anyone know what other year, model, and sizes may also work? Also, anyone have any part let me know. Thanks!
  4. racer514

    Pine Barrens

    Great thread. Nice to have a slow enough day at work to play on the internet a little. My friends and I ride up in the South Toms River/ Bayville/ Forked River area quite a bit and often make it as far as Chatsworth from home by trail and are always looking for more places.
  5. racer514

    Gear indicator

    Anyone using a gear position indicator on their FI Husky? I have an 08 TE450 and would like to have one but not sure where to go. Thanks,
  6. racer514

    J.D fuel injection kit/TE 310

    Not offered for my 08 TE450
  7. racer514

    J.D fuel injection kit/TE 310

    Does it help with the low rpm flame out that often occurs even after the stock set up is tuned?
  8. Am looking for a second rear wheel for my 08 TE450 and was wondering what years are compatible. Also, if you know of any for sale, pass it along. Thanks in advance.
  9. racer514

    04 TE250 Air Filter Screen

    Thanks. I dont have one in my 08 450 so I figured I would ask. Maybe something to do with the fuel injection. Thanks again.
  10. Just picked up used 04 TE250. Cleaning the air filter. Should i leave that screen in behind the air filter?
  11. racer514

    2009 Husqvarna TE250 iBeat setting procedure

    Wow, my 08 is at like 102 for co1 and its fouling plugs.
  12. racer514

    2009 Husqvarna TE250 iBeat setting procedure

    Was this with or without the O2 sensor installed?
  13. racer514

    CRF100 Rear Suspension Risers?

    Anyone know if there are links for the rear suspension to raise the rear?
  14. racer514

    dead battery - new tes

    shouldn't the charging system keep the bike running and the kick starter keep you from having to push the bike home if something happens?
  15. What do you mean by pressurize the linkage while greasing? Also, can you install zirk fittings while it is apart for easy maintenance? The RMX I just sold to get my new TE450 had the fittings on every major greasing point. It was a 1996 and I never had to take anything apart. Just grease with a grease gun after every cleaning.