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  1. just lifted the wheel up and down there seems to be some play on the linkage where the bolt goes through the swingarm, think ill order some tonight but not sure which bearings i need though?? thanks for the replys.
  2. hiya i have a yz250 . when i lift my bike up to put it on the stand it makes a clunking noise when the real wheel leaves the ground, is this normal? im thinking its a bearing that needs replacing ??? anyideas what it is so i can get it fixed. thanks max.
  3. the reason i ask is because it says for four storke .
  4. I have 5litres of motul oil lying around in the garage , just wandering if this would be ok to put into my yz250 as its in need of an oil change ??? if not never mind. thanks.
  5. Its a yz250 06.
  6. After 6months of my bike being in pieces its finally time to rebuild it . ive droped the motor in now ive got to install all the electrics, im struggling with routing them i really carnt remember how they went . could somebody post a pic or two just to show me where they locate . thanks kyle.
  7. BRM i did as u advised and orderd new collers, i tried to fit them today but they are to big for the hole in the casing :0 do you think i should just machine out the old collers ? thanks kyle.
  8. does anybody no where i can buy a kickstart from?
  9. whats the 01 engine run like ? much differnce from the 06. thanks for the replys kyle.
  10. will everything other than the kick start fit then??? o and the engine was sent away by a family member he didnt wrap it up properly along with the sus , the sus arrived the engine didnt
  11. hiya peolpe i really need some help. after sending my 06 250engine off for a rebuild somehow it was lost in the post, so ive had to replace the engine . recently picked up a 2001 engine in good shape, the engine fits into the frame nicly but im having trouble getting the bolt that goes through the swingarm into the engine the bolt is only a couple of ml bigger . any ideas on what to do next??? thanks kyle.