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  1. Havik555

    2004 TT125 Value

    i have that same bike. if you take it to a cycle shop they will buy it back for 1100, the private seller value is around 1800. my friend works at malcom smith motorsports and he checked it for me.
  2. Havik555

    baffle question

    i hear a lot about the exhaust baffle. what the hell is that. im new to working on motorcycles but do know how to work on things. i have already re-jet my carb and did the air box mod. now im looking to make some mods to the stock exhaust but im having trouble understanding what people say. the main problem is i need to know what the baffle is and if i even have a silencer. i also hear about people drilling holes and if so where? i took off the spark arrestor and the end of my 04 ttr125L and look inside the exhaust pipe and i see three smaller pipes inside, i thought that might be the baffle but not sure. any help would be appreciated. thanks!
  3. Havik555

    TTR 125L Shift Lever and Plastics

    Thanks guys. the plastics were exactly what i was looking for. with the tt store instructions i am finding out that it is easier than i thought. appreciate all the help. a pink transformation would be extremely hilarious, but a rather expensive joke
  4. Havik555

    TTR 125L Shift Lever and Plastics

    I need a new shift Lever for my ttr, i have bent the stock one a million times and im tired of dealing with it. i tried looking on the thumper store but i can't figure out how to use it. I was also looking for plastics that are black. I want to find some of those side panel plastics in black but I don't think acerbis makes them. If anyone knows somewhere else i can find the plastics or shift lever it would be greatly appreciated