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  1. karlk

    Cant get seat off

    The first time I took mine off it was a bugger. I took the bolt out and pulled like hell and it poped off. It goes on and off easy after that.
  2. karlk

    Pipe Guard

    What is everyone doing to prevent their right boot melting on their pipe on the 07SXF? Thanks
  3. karlk

    Ever got sacked by your gas tank?

    HA HA.. I've never been sacked by my gas tank...but I sure have beat the heck out of my tank with my sack!!... LOL
  4. karlk

    2007 450sxf shock

    MX tires have a balance dot on the side. I think it's supposed to be the thinest part of the tire and it's supposed to be lined up with the bead lock. just a thought.
  5. I got two with mine. They told me they put the winter battery in but it's the three amp...I keep it pluged into the tender though.
  6. karlk

    07 450SXF Quick Ride Review

    Thanks for the review. I’ve been looking at the photos and reading any posts I could find about the 07 sx450f and went out and bought one today! Winter really hasn’t hit here in PA, and I’m hoping it takes a year off… . I’m can’t wait to get out and ride it! Oh it doesn’t idle for beans, so it looks like I’m going to change the pilot jet to a 42 and go two turns out on the air screw. Thanks !
  7. karlk

    Berwick Track

    I'm not the guy but a friend of mine is. I also sent you a PM. Thanks
  8. karlk

    Berwick Track

    I sent you a PM. Karl
  9. karlk

    Berwick Track

    There used to be an MX track in Evansville the Berwick area of PA. I know it's closed but can any of you tell me what it was like? Was it well run, what was the terrain, ie: Euro style, SX..etc? What was the soil type, clay, shale etc? Thanks
  10. karlk

    Where to order new Huskys online?

    I can Highly recommend Toy Tech. I bought my TC off ebay from the guys in Minnesota and didn't have any problems. But here is why I'd recommend anyone do business with TOY Tech: After winning the bid on ebay I hadn't seen a TC in person so I stopped into Toy Tech, luckily there only a little over an hour from me. I told them where and how I bought it, at that point most dealers would turn their nose up at you!! Not these guys, they are top shelf. On a subsequent visit they gave me a few nuts and bolts that were missing in my crate, I broke the nipple off the rubber standoffs when I changed to the Ti canister and they just gave me new ones. They probably have the largest parts inventory around and I feel lucky to have them in my area. The owners name is Scott and he has a guy working for him named Chris both EXCELLENT to deal with. They also have a large selection of ridding apparel and accessories. Sorry for the long testimonial but i feel that good about these guys.
  11. karlk

    2006 Tc250

    What type of pipe/silencer is that?
  12. karlk

    How is paragon park in PA

    Paragon is working on an MX track. The layout is done and they're working with an engineering firm on a land development plan. Call their office for an update. It should be done by summer.