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  1. how does the brake work when you do that setup? doesn't it go under the pegmount?
  2. 228, i was born on FEB 20 1980, 2, 20, 80...228 gay i know but i was 11 when i had to come up with it...
  3. that is the truth... they are pretty bullet proof just like the hondas
  4. the kx 60 forks fit in your stock clamps... it is the kx65 clamps that you have to get new clamps for. for the rear... i would do an elka shock... then when you get more money do a billetware extended swinger.
  5. what questions do you have about the 110
  6. if you buy a gpx and get the intake and carb to go with it( fairly inexpensive) it should kick it to the side enough to clear your tank. I would also try brent at madminismx, easy to work with and on the ball.
  7. I am about 1200 ft above see level and never had a problem with the jetting out of the box. I have bought two bikes from brent at madminismx. An x and x2r, neither of them had jetting issues. if there was any parts i needed they were here in a couple of days.
  8. I was riding an X2R all summer and was never able to find an aftermarket system that would "bolt right up." I took my subframe off and re welded it in the right position to match. I also had an xtreme frame and had to do the same thing. Hope that helps.
  9. I have thrown in the towel on the big bikes. Now i am just looking for places to ride on the Pit bikes. Please let me know where all the good pitbike tracks and races are. I live in Kennewick, wa so the closer the better. Thank you BJ Morgan MadMinisMx.com