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  1. Hey, my 05 RM250 has recently developed a problem where it grates when selecting either 1st or 2nd gear. Can't think why this is happening - this is my fmx bike which is pretty much only ridden in 2nd and the clutch use is minimal compared to that of a race bike. The tranny oil is changed regularly as well... Any ideas? Could it be the gear selector fork that is worn?
  2. jono r

    '05 RM250 fork oil??

    hey, i want to change my fork oil but don't know what the stock quantity of oil is? I know its 5wt, but how much? Cheers JR>
  3. I've got an '06 RM125 and was just wondering what these electical bits do? TPS = does it alter the timing at different throttle positions? If un-plugged, what will/won't happen? Solenoid = not a clue... any ideas??
  4. jono r

    04 Rm 125 Clutch

    the genuine suzuki baskets have always been crap. upgrade to either a hinson or wiseco basket and your problem will be solved.
  5. jono r

    2006 RM126 Oil Spill

    I've had my bike from new and has been running good but I've noticed on the last two rides that there seems to be quite a bit of oil coming out the power valve outlet on the left side of the bike. Is this normal and if so why and wheres it coming from?? I'm running it at 40:1 with standard jetting apart from one smaller on the main. Any ideas??
  6. jono r

    yz125 vs. rm125

    is your dad fat??
  7. jono r

    2002 rm85l

    2 stroke mx bikes shouldn't idle on their own. But you can adjust the idle screw so that it does - but you will tend to oil up plugs more often and it probably won't feel as crisp off the bottom coming out of tight turns. But hey, it's your bike so set it the way you want!
  8. jono r

    wat weight fork oil should i use

    5wt will do the trick!
  9. jono r

    Air filter with rubber outer rim. cr250

    yeah, the PC Racing kit works well. Comes with neoprene gasket for inside the airbox, a rubber gasket for between the boot and airbox as well as a nice CNC machined alloy fixing plate. I used one of these on my CR125 last year and never had any problems!! PS: Twin Air do them as well.
  10. jono r

    rim adjustments

    where the rim moves to the right - tighten the spoke coming from the left side of the hub - do this in half turn increments until the rim is straight again. You may need to tighten two of the spokes on the left side nearest the wobble.
  11. jono r

    What bend are the '06 RM125 bars??

    i think they are labelled as RM Mid. I will check tomorrow for you so you know for definite... a little late now and i'm scared to go out to the garage in the dark!
  12. jono r

    Rm 125 Rear Shock Setup

    right, here goes... SAG: 95mm Low Speed Comp (silver Screw in middle): 10 clicks out High Speed Comp (anodised blue nut): 2 complete turns anti clockwise Rebound: 12 clicks out I find this works good for me for most tracks. Also make sure your forks are sitting right in the clamps (line on forks is flush with top of clamp) with this set right helps the bike track better in a straight line etc. Just for interest I'm running 11 clicks out (compression) and 10 clicks out (rebound) on the forks with standard springs. **Just had a thought - check your linkage with the shock off the bike to make sure it's not binding - this could be a reason for the suspension not compressing properly when checking the SAG> PS: where do you live in SA? I use to live in Durban many years ago. Laters JR>
  13. jono r

    Rm 125 Rear Shock Setup

    if i were you i would leave the standard spring installed and turn the rebound, h/speed comp and l/speed comp adjusters out as far as they will go. Once this is done, then set your SAG. Put all your kit on and get a buddy to do the measuring for you. Make sure you're on level ground. You should be looking to achieve about 95mm SAG. I have an 06 RM125 with the same spring etc and i weigh 155lbs and have no problems getting 95mm of SAG. Once you've got your sag measurement, then adjust the clickers to the standard settings. If you're not sure what they are, let me know and I'll let you know whats been working well for me. Good luck JR>
  14. jono r

    Mods to make an RM125 FASTER!!

    had an '04. Was an awesome bike just too much of an animal on the track!!
  15. jono r

    Mods to make an RM125 FASTER!!

    course i can. i don't want to do such a drastic mod that i lose all the top end to gain off the bottom. I'm looking to improve the bottom end with out sacrficing the top. The RM125 top end is awesome. Just looking for a bit more snap of the bottom for jumps right out of corners etc. I think a bit of porting is gonna be my best option.