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  1. ejrenda

    How easy/difficult is airbox replacement

    or maybe you could use some flat plastic and epoxy and make it look nice and square and neat, that's what i'd give a go
  2. They have a 150/60 which is sure to fit.
  3. The problem with the pilot road 2 is that it doesn't come in a 150/60/17 so fit may be an issue. The pilot power is a great choice. Great grip / decent longevity. I just put on a set of Avon VP2. My first Avons. Unfortunately I've got no report for you on them as I literally just put them on a couple of days ago and only have about 75 miles on them. Just enough to really start scrubbing them in. Anyone else have anything to say about these Avons?
  4. ejrenda

    Road Rash Pain Relief

    OK, I can't believe I'm the only one who read these words and didn't take immediate notice. I honestly thought that this might just be a troll. Without trying to be too preachy, a helmet and other protective gear is a personal choice to make, but not "drinking too much".?.?.?. Booze + motorcycle = death. Do some research on single vehicle motorcycle fatalities. I think your pain is someone's way of trying to remind you that you got away with one. Relish the fact that you can still feel pain and live to learn a lesson. With that said, I'm glad you're ok and good luck with the wounds.
  5. ejrenda

    AceWell Speedo Numbers

    oh yeah, Pi .......Yum... mmmmmmmmmmPPiiiiiiiiiiii
  6. ejrenda

    Massive Change in MPG...

    I do know that new tires will drop your mpg a little. But it should just be a very little. I'm baffled that you're switching to reserve at such a low milage in the first place. Are you filling the tank all the way up to the neck? Even when I let the bike warm up more than usual, and wring the snot out of it I at least make it to 100 before switching to reserve.
  7. ejrenda

    Elect issue on my 04

    I don't have my bike with me today, but if I recall correctly, the kick stand kill switch still let's electrical power get to the rest of the bike. (ie: headlight, speedo, etc.) It just kills ignition to the engine. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but if beau1 is getting no electircal power at all then I'm guessing it's not the KS switch. I know it doesn't help much, but I hope it helps a little.
  8. ejrenda

    AceWell Speedo Numbers

    wouldn't that be your circumference.?.?. diameter is the distance across a circle through the center
  9. ejrenda

    Bleeding brakes

    I use these on all my bikes. They work great. http://www.speedbleeder.com/ Good luck.
  10. ejrenda

    Ducai Hypermotard Vid

    Great way to accomplish figure eights for your motorcycle endorsement test.
  11. ejrenda

    NEED HELP- Issues w/'08 400SM

    if there is any question..... why dont you just take 2 seconds to verify that your KS switch is still functional in the first place by: 1. starting the bike 2. lift the kick stand 3. pull clutch in & put bike in gear 4. drop the kick stand 5. see if the bike dies. just took 10x the amount of time to type than it will to test. No.?.?. if the bike dies (there's a great possible answer to your question)(zip tie the switch and go for a ride and stand up to see if it helped) if the bike doesn't die (repost with results and hopefully narrow down the possibilities)
  12. ejrenda

    If you could do it all over again.....

  13. ejrenda

    Plastic polish that actually works!

    And do not, Not, NOT use "Goo Gone" or similar products to remove any stickers from your plastic. Goodbye shiny plastic.
  14. ejrenda

    Pitbull "new" front end stand

    i bought one for my zx9r, the pin is essential don't have the drz with me at work today when i get home i'll have a look at the steering head and see if the stand can be made to work with a specific pin
  15. ejrenda

    1 day old DRZ 400SM

    choke still on? maybe.?.?.