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  1. mxmiguel007

    fuel screw

    its in the bottom of carb
  2. mxmiguel007

    leo vince exhaust kx250f

    hey does any body here own or knows of this exhaust and how it performs, im thinking on getting the x3 titanium full system ,any feedback helps thanks
  3. mxmiguel007

    leo vince or pro circuit???

    i keep hearing good things about leo vince but i dont see nobody with them is it because there hard to get or expensive? anyways what do you guys thing i should go with, any advice helps thanks
  4. mxmiguel007

    kx250f clutch stiffness??

    thanks guys it was the clutch lever it did not have enough slack that was the problem i will still be switching to a better oil thanks for your replys
  5. mxmiguel007

    kx250f and water puddles??

    i think the kxf is a great reliable bike, had it for a year and half now and no major problems specially when riding hard and true water all the time the key is maintenance thanks for the tip on covering the bottom of the water box and raising the breather hose
  6. mxmiguel007

    Jetting troubles

    you want to have a light tan colour in your plug ,dark colour is to rich ,white is to lean plus when you run lean your bike will not run right and there will be alot of backfireing hope this helps
  7. mxmiguel007

    2004 kx250f jetting specs

    178main,40pilot, 3rd clip from the top on needle , 60 leak ,air screw 2 1/4 turns out runs great here fl
  8. mxmiguel007

    kx250f and water puddles??

    yeah mine sometimes take 3 or 4 oil changes to get dark colour again ,1st time i change the oil after been white it looks dark but i soon as i ride it it will come back to whitish again but eventually will go away after few oil changes
  9. mxmiguel007

    kx250f and water puddles??

    the puddle im talking about are 2-2and half feet deep , it will start right away after it shuts off it just sucks i hate it , im using notoil oil is this oil no good or should i be checking something in my electrical system?
  10. mxmiguel007

    kx250f and water puddles??

    why does my kx250f want to shut off every time i pass true water puddles?is there anything i can do about this besides not passing true water puddles let me know pleaseee.
  11. mxmiguel007

    kickstarter keeps breaking

    i broke 2 because the bolt that holds the kickstart kept getting loose on me so on the 3 i used lock tite on the bolt , and had no more problems
  12. mxmiguel007

    kx250f clutch stiffness??

    i use royal purple 10-40 think i should try different oil
  13. mxmiguel007

    kx250f clutch stiffness??

    hey guys, does anyone have this problem? after riding hard for 10-15 min my 04kx250f clutch lever gets super stiff when i pull it ,i have to slow down for a while then everything is ok for a while again whats up with that any comments will help thanks
  14. mxmiguel007

    kx250f clutch stiffness??

    hi guys , does anyone else have this problem ,after 10-15 min of hard riding in my 04 kx250f my clutch gets really stiff when i pull the lever if i slow down for a while it will go away whats up with that any comments will help thanks