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  1. cpsfrench

    400 vs 426 head

    Does the 98 wr 400f have the same head as a 2000 yz 426? if not what is the difference?
  2. cpsfrench

    450 motor in a 400 chassis

    would it be possible to put a yz 450f in a 98 wr 400f chassis. I have a 98 wr and its given me nothing but motor problems so i'm looking at putting a new motor in it. Any advice would be appreciated.
  3. cpsfrench

    WR 400 Won't Start

    I have a 98 wr 400 and it won't start its been at the dealership all year and they can't seem to get it to start either. I have replaced the exhaust, new timing chain, new stator, new flywheel, new seals in the carb, new valves. I have had the tps set to spec and she has lots of spark. the only way to get here to go is to jump start it. Anyone else have issues like this with a wr 400???
  4. cpsfrench

    WR 400 Cam Problem

    here is my delima, I took my bike out of storage this year and after trying serveral times to get it going it was assumed that my bike jumped its timing. this caused me to have 2 bent intake valves. So upon replacing the valves and timing chain it was noticed that my intake cam shaft wasn't moving as freely as my exhaust. So i bought a new cam and installed it but i still have the same problem so now they are telling me it might be a warped head. I don't see how i could have a warped head cause i never even had the bike going this year and last year she ran fine. Question is, is it normal to for the intake cam to be a little tighter then the exhaust and is it a good idea to drive it as is?