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  1. lynchj

    Doug Henry Updates??

    I recently stumbled across this in Dirt Rider. Looks like Doug stole the show from Bubba but I'm sure he didn't intend to. Doug is "The Man", a real class act. http://blogs.dirtrider.com/6542738/editorial/doug-henry-steps-up-to-the-mic-to-congratulate-james-stewart/index.html
  2. lynchj


    They are pretty bullet proof bikes.
  3. lynchj

    2 stroke questions???

    There are pro's and con's to both the TTR and the YZ's. The YZ is designed to be a motocross race bike but with a few mods can become a great trail bike. They are not the easiest bike to ride in technical woods but they are nimble and fast. A TTR is a great bike to learn on and putt around with a kid that is also learning. The TTR is heavier, it has an electric start and has a lot of bottom end torque. A flywheel weight adds mass to the crankshaft, it takes a little longer to wind up to the higher rpm levels but they do help in reducing the potential for stalling. A YZ has a pretty good powerband but it is no tractor even with a flywheel weight. The bike you rode may not have been tuned correctly. Stalling with the clutch pulled in could be a lot of factors, clutch not set properly, warped plates, old fluid or an engine that is not jetted right and so on. I'd hate to talk someone out of getting a YZ but they are not meant to be a putt around bike. The TTR is a great way to build your skills and confidence but you may get bored with it after your skills improve. Hope this helps.
  4. lynchj

    Anyone ice riding in CT

    According to the DEP, your bike needs to be registerd (as an ATV) to be legal to ride on "public frozen bodies of water" this means only where there are public boat launches. The State Police have a little different view point on the legality since it is illegal to drive a "motor vehicle" on ice. So... be quite and polite. You will annoy the fishermen but if you talk to them 1st they sometimes enjoy the entertainment. Ice riding is awesome.
  5. lynchj

    riding & wives

    I don't have to ask permission but if I let my wife know that I'm planning on going after work (for example) she appreciates it. I don't get to ride all that much because of other obligations so that may have some impact on her reactions. Generally speaking she is pretty supportive of my sickness.
  6. lynchj

    R.i. Mass. Conn. Woods Riders.

    Ice riding is a blast! The ponds are just getting a decent amount of ice here in NW corner of CT. the larger lakes are not frozen over yet but soon they will be. I'm getting my bike ready and planning on going out soon. All you need are some ice screws in your tires and antifreeze in the radiator.
  7. lynchj

    what winter project are you doin?

    Picked up a 73 CB500-4 for free from a buddy, it's been sitting for 14 years with the cylinder head off. Just started tearing it down, the engine is torn down now, will need rings, valves lapped and all new seals but it's in pretty good shape. I'm planning on doing a complete restoration on it so it will go on longer than a winter project
  8. I would have to say that I'm a low budget rider. I bought a clapped out 98 YZ125 and rebuilt it so I have a total of $2500 into it. My gear is pretty old except for my helmet. I love my old bike and I love working on stuff myself, it saves a lot of money. I have 2 kids in private colleges so I don't have $ to spend on myself but I'll do anything to get out and ride. Of course I drool over the new bikes but there is no way I can justify spending $8K on a bike.
  9. Thanks, I made them myself. I got the idea from another guy that I met riding at Thomaston Dam in CT. Here is the other side. I've since added a Scotts steering stabilizer, great addition!
  10. lynchj

    Windsor Conn.

    Not a lot of choices in CT. The only legal & public trail riding is in Thomaston at the dam. There are a couple of tracks, Rocky Hill, Motown (not sure what the status is with them right now). A new track is being proposed but I don't know much other than what the web site says. http://www.mx1llc.com/ Thomaston Dam is probably about an hour from Windsor and has some very nice single track, no quads and one way trails.
  11. lynchj

    Suspicious dirtbike death in Wilton CT

    This link should work there are others too. http://nwkpublish.bits.baseview.com/wilton_templates/wilton_story/291938829249529.php
  12. lynchj

    electric dirtbikes??

    Of course it should be taken seriously, serious fun that is. What a cool toy an electric bike would be. They may never replace gas powered bikes entirely but I'd love to have one anyway.
  13. lynchj

    Tony Hart RIP

    More info on the Tony http://www.cyclenews.com/ShowStory.asp?HeadlineID=12777
  14. lynchj

    Tony Hart RIP

    I got there kind of late and didn't know anything of the accident but it felt a little weird, the crowd was pretty quiet. Such a terrible loss, RIP Tony.