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  1. Briman1

    1994 XR 250 fork service help?

    Thanks so much. That is what I was looking for!!
  2. My friend has a '94 XR250 that needs some fork service. Can anyone with a manual tell me the air volume for fill level and recommended fluid weight? Thanks in advance
  3. I need some expert advice. My friend has a mid-90's XR 250 he bought used. He wants to do a fork fluid change, but isn't sure if the forks are the stock XR forks. He was told by someone that they were off some other bike. We are looking to get an idea on what they are, so we can get the proper seals (if required) and the proper airspace volume for the fluid level. I am attaching a photo which I hope is enough for you experts to figure it out. Thanks in advance http://dirtbiking.shutterfly.com/action/slideshow?a=67b0de21b334f5e0e4dd&auto=0&m=1&d=1141995428991
  4. Briman1

    Graphics on Gas Tank

    I will be attempting a set of graphics myself in the coming weeks. I will be keeping track of this post, and hopefully get some good advice.
  5. Briman1

    YZF Timing vs WR timing

    With what everything is saying about the '03 model, why were the lobes off when the timing mark is centered? Was there a problem with the timing? According to Overeasy, it ran better than the '05? Should he just put it back the way it came out?