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  1. mxkai

    Best 06 sticker kits

    hot wheels graphics.check my garage
  2. mxkai

    EU or US ?? please tell me the differences

    eu model:bridgestone 201/202 us model bridgestone 401/402
  3. mxkai

    KX250F 06 - recall from the factory in US?

    yes that's the part.it's very cheap.i think 7 $ or so
  4. mxkai

    New KX250f-FOR CHICKS? Whoa!!

    that was not good for your bike,but i think(hope) nothing serious happened.change the oil and the oilfilter quickly since you ride it the next time.and never give away a new bike
  5. mxkai

    KX250F 06 - recall from the factory in US?

    hello,here is the part.nr:13271
  6. mxkai

    My Bike

    Check out my Garage
  7. mxkai

    2006 pics

    Thx,great graphics on a great bike.i love this bike
  8. mxkai

    2006 pics

    black rims are coming soon