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  1. Commodore Poole

    xr 100 motor trouble

    I agree that he shouldn't have talked back like that. But cut the guy some slack. He started by looking for help and the first guy insulted him for spelling. Lazy as it may be, this is an online forum and we all know what he was saying with reasonable ease. You're just backing him into a corner. If you knew the answer to his problem maybe you should have told him instead if feeding the issue.
  2. Commodore Poole

    Xr 80 Help!!!

    Ok, so my friend was riding my xr80 and when i tried it again the engine would run fine in neutral or with the clutch pulled in. But if it were in gear, anywhere after a quarter twist of the throttle made the engine bog. No matter what gear you were in you couldn't twist the throttle more than a quarter without the engine almost stalling. I tried air screw on the carb. The choke was off. What is wrong with the bike?
  3. Commodore Poole

    Sano LT6 forks question

    Hi, I have the Sano LT6 forks with the 12 inch tire and disc but the tire is offset. The tire is not centered between the forks it is slightly to the right. It makes it turn too easily left and not well to the right. Has anyone run into this problem? Is it the product or the way it was assembled? Please help.
  4. Commodore Poole

    Street conversion

    Has anyone converted their 250f to ride on the street. What do you need? Cost?
  5. Commodore Poole

    suspension revalving

    I'm looking to get my suspension revalved, where should i send it too?
  6. Commodore Poole


    I have a 2005 crf250r and right about now I'm losing traction on the stock rear tire enough to notice wheel spin. The front tire seems fine but what kid of tire should I get for the rear? The dunlop 756 looks pretty good. I ride in MA on tracks and in the woods. Durability is key, I don't have the budget to throw on a new tire all of the time.
  7. Commodore Poole

    Torquing Pressure Plate Clutch Bolts?

    yeah those bolts are supposed to be 9 ft/lbs. check your manual again.
  8. Commodore Poole

    sloppy rear end

    Since I've pulled my bike out for the season (New England) I've noticed that my rear end feels really sloppy. It's almost like I'm riding in deep sand though not as severe. I haven't checked the spokes and the tire runs true. Any ideas on how to fix this problem?
  9. Commodore Poole

    race head for non-head 88cc kit

    thanks Jetster.
  10. Commodore Poole

    race head for non-head 88cc kit

    how much is it likely to cost? Do you have any suggestions of brand?
  11. Are there race heads that can be bought seperately from full kits that will work with the takegawa 88cc s-kit?
  12. Commodore Poole

    unbalanced suspension

    Which swingarm should I get?
  13. Commodore Poole

    unbalanced suspension

    Is there a way for me to soften the forks to make it ride a little lower? I know the rebound is adjustible but is the compression? No direction sent with it.
  14. Commodore Poole

    unbalanced suspension

    I just bought sano LT6 forks set up with a 12'' wheel and the fox air shock for my crf50 and I have a stock swingarm and frame. My problem is that the front end is higher than the rear making it unbalanced. I have raised the fork tubes in the triple clamps as far as they are supposed to go and it is still unbalanced. Has anyone run into this problem? Can anyone help me out?