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  1. I just got back from a long weekend of trail riding/camping at Tower City.It rained quite a bit but nobody in our group complained.I pushed my 05 DRZ 400s to the limit on Sunday and was pleasantly surprised how well it handled the washed out trails.This was only the second serious dirt thrashing the bike has received,the first being Hatfeild/Mccoy.I haven't rode much dirt since my motocross days and really had a blast!I will be back soon with a better equipped bike and more endurance!I am going to have the suspension done by Mx-Tech and will get the fcr soon.I thought about selling this bike but now I think I will see how versatile I can make it.I would like to build a serious dirt/street legal SM bike.This is going to be pricey so it will probably take a while to gather up the parts.I hope everybody had a good 4th and got the chance to twist your wrist!!!!Ride on! Jim
  2. jhtoy

    might sell my 05 drz400s

    Ok this helps.I figure the bike is worth 4 to 4500 and I would pay off the other $1000 I owe on it.Anybody in New Jersey interested in a nice Drz?Mabye I need to move this to the classified section!Thanks Jim yjimmyz@earthlink.net
  3. jhtoy

    might sell my 05 drz400s

    I have a 05 drz 400s that I want to sell.The problem is that I owe more on it than its worth!I would need the money from the sale to pay it off and get the title.I talked to the salesman at the dealership today and he said sometimes it takes up to 90 days to get the title!This would make it a hard sell.Has anyone had this problem before?Is it possible for a potential buyer to assume the payments?The bike is mint with a few choice mods DJ kit,3x3,protapers,mini winkers,seat cover,etc.Any help with this would be greatly appreciated!Thanks Jim
  4. jhtoy

    headlights and NJ DMV inspection

    Hey its nice to hear from some jersey boys!Jeb 1962 I think I've seen you out on rt 31,can't miss that windscreen!I live on old clinton rd and ride a 05 drz400s.I will be sure to wave the next time I see you!So you guys got me thinking about the inspection thing.I have the BD taillight mod and mini winkers on my scooter and I think when its time for inspection I'll take my bike back to the stealership and let them take care of it.Good advice here!The Flemington dmv is a PITA! Anybody in central jersey doing any dualsporting soon?Know of any cool destinations?Lets ride!contact me at yjimmyz@earthlink.net
  5. Hey I wasnt sure where to post this I was just wondering if anybody in the Flemington/Clinton area had a dual sport.Looking for people to ride with!I have a 05 drz 400s and cant wait for it to warm up a little bit!Anybody out there?
  6. jhtoy


    Last fall I took my 05 drz 400s out for a short ride.I knew I was low on gas so my first stop was the gas station.I was 300 yards from the pumps when the bike started to stutter,I pulled in the clutch and coasted in!I laughed my ass off!The older I get the more I realize that if you can't laugh at yourself who can you laugh at!
  7. jhtoy

    air filter oil -- why?

    I have cleaned and oiled more air filters than I care to remember.I always used twin air oil and filters on my yz 250 and never had any dirt ingestion problems.Recently I discovered Reedy filters at the local stealership.They are preoiled and ready to go out of the package.I don't think I would use these on a full tilt motocrosser but on my 05 drz 400s that sees little dirt they work great!When it gets dirty just chuck and get a new one.I think they are about 12 bucks?