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  1. Kevin117

    red bud vetfest this weekend

    Real sorry to hear that ville. Praying for a full recovery for you.
  2. Kevin117

    red bud vetfest this weekend

    Dang bro sorry to hear about your crash. I hope all is well and have a full recovery.
  3. I am kind of like norcal. In my mind before I opened the pic I thought the orange wouldnt look that good. But it actually looks pretty cool and its different, and thats always a plus.
  4. Kevin117

    2011 KTM 450SXF First Ride Report

    cool deal. Good info guys!
  5. Kevin117

    2011 KTM 450SXF First Ride Report

    oh yeah. I forgot to say that I put the JD kit in. I installed that before I even cranked the thing for the first time. But I am unfamilar with the pro action link you spoke of...
  6. To start off the only thing I have done to the bike is respring and revalve the suspension for me. I am coming off an 09 450SXF. The 11 is by far the best motocross bike I have ever ridden. To start the 11 bike is a smaller more compact package than the previous generations. The smaller package makes the bike much easier to ride and control. The rearend tracted out of corners better than any KTM I have ever ridden. I suppose that is due to the linkage, tho I liked the PDS setup, but I do think the linkage is better on the KTM. I always liked the four speed gearbox in the 09, but the five speed works way better for the motocross tracks. Also, the gear shifting is better than the 09. The shifts are crisp and there are no issues with false neutrals. The motor is just like any other 450SXF, fun and easy to ride with tons of power. All in all I am very happy with my purchase. Cant wait to put some more time on it.
  7. Kevin117

    new 2011 450sxf or 2012 250sx?

    I was in the same boat. I just picked up the 11 450sxf. And take the fact that I havent ridden a current 250sx under consideration, but that 450 is the best mx bike I have ever ridden peroid. And all I did was respring and revalve the suspension. I had an 09 450sxf previously and the 11 is way better in my opinion. I would ride the 2t before pulling the trigger if you have been riding 4ts as of late. Because when you put some time on a 2t you begin to remember some of the reasons why you switched to the 4t in the first place, or atleast that was the case for me.
  8. Kevin117

    2012 450 sx-f

    I had an 08 rmz450 then had an 09 KTM 450sxf. I liked the KTM much better. I actually just bought an 11 KTM 450sxf, but havent gotten a chance to ride it. I will say the new KTMs are better than the 08-09 KTMs. So im pretty sure ill be happy with my new purchase, and im sure you will feel the same way. Congrats. Be sure and give us a ride report.
  9. Kevin117

    Getting a 2011 450SXF

    Yeah I dont ride bikes with stock suspension. I just feel way to sketchy on them. It doesnt matter the brand of bike I just dont have confidence on bikes with stock suspension. Suspension Dynamics has done all my other KTMs and I do understand that the linkage changes some things. I honestly think this company is the best kept secret in the suspension business. He has the spring rates in stock and I always go ahead and let him revalve too. If I get off this weekend ill ride Saturday and Sunday. Ill post a ride report if I get to ride. Thanks for all the good info guys.
  10. Kevin117

    2000 vs 2001 CR 250

    I had an 01. The 01 had the Mikuni carb and although it worked grear it was a bit finicky to setup. It required alot jetting changes based on the temp and elevation change. Back in 01-02 people were actually buying the Keihen carb and putting it on the 01. I agree that the 3rd gen frame is way better. My 01 had a great motor and handled really well but it vibrated quite a bit.
  11. Kevin117

    Getting a 2011 450SXF

    Yeah thats why I went with the 11 no real benefit to flopping down the extra cash for the 12. Now the 13 may be a different story. I think some big changes will be in place. Some I wont be real excited about like FI, and im a little indifferent about the link rear suspension on the 11. Not a big fan of having to take it apart and lube it regulary. And I really had no complaints with the PDS on my 09. Suspenion Dynamcis out of Arlington Texas does all my suspension stuff. They do really good work.
  12. Well after much debate between the 12 250SX and a left over brand new 11 450SXF, I went with the 4t. Just got my 09 450SXF sold and made the deal on the new one yesterday afternoon. I have been going back and forth on which bike to get, but I finally realized for my riding style and the fact that I am 6ft4in and 245lbs that the big thumper was the best option for me. I knew that going with the 450 was the safe bet being that I loved my 09. I got to get the suspension stiffened up for my oversized riding butt. After that ill post a riding report about how tits the new bike is lol.
  13. Kevin117

    JD Jetting ???

    Not trying to insult anyones intelligence, I was just trying to build value in the product is all. Some people scoff at the $80 price tag and think they can tune a carb, and they probably can. But his needles are for sure the difference maker, and some dont understand that.
  14. Kevin117

    JD Jetting ???

    I have ran the JD jet kit in all my ktms. The jetting is spot on, but the real difference is in the taper of the needle. Most stock needles dont have any taper to them. The JD kit does and there is no replicating that no matter how good the jetting is.