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  1. kid on a 426

    lets see your bike in anger!!

    Hahah, i agree! It makes things a bit more challenging though, when dry
  2. kid on a 426

    >>Carnegie : Trail : Corral Canyon : Um Yeaa <<

    My group of friends knows it as The Devil's Buttcrack. Here's a couple videos of my brother, me and my friend going down it. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=5643108578990066165 http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-898415079042189353
  3. kid on a 426

    lets see your bike in anger!!

    here's a video of hitting a hill pretty much wide open. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-5373593830373829924
  4. kid on a 426

    lets see your bike in anger!!

    weak hill, but it was pretty slippery that day. atv track at carnegie MX track jump. 60'ish table with a chewed up lip. pretty sketchy\ And this was a year ago after a few back to back carnegie rides then stonyford. Big Bertha was probably pretty angry
  5. kid on a 426

    Lets see them Yamaha's boys

    theres 2 more yammies behind the camera. My 2000 yz 426 at the back of the line, my friend's nearly new '05, his brother's hammered '02, then a smashed 05 yz 250 and 01 yz250 behind the camera. I was the only 4 stroke but was doing good on the single track.
  6. kid on a 426

    Show me your jump

    All of the same jump. Probably 60'ish. Overcleared on the last one and bottomed pretty hard. If anyone on here has ridden the carnegie mx track midsummer they know that this really isn't an easy jump...
  7. kid on a 426

    Lets see them Yamaha's boys

    http://i137.photobucket.com/albums/q234/dangerider426/l_5407209c97629d12e7d681492f5078781.jpg http://i137.photobucket.com/albums/q234/dangerider426/l_03281db8d363e6f4dbb7cd7e277597ef1.jpg http://i137.photobucket.com/albums/q234/dangerider426/l_50afc7236e8852d21e6db7f1b1be54721.jpg
  8. kid on a 426

    my refreshed yz426! (pics inside)

    I'm trying to sell my 2000, and cleaned it nicely, but nothing like you did. Congrats, that bike is awesome.
  9. kid on a 426

    CA DMV - Trials Bike Exemption?

    Our 2003 montesa is green stickered. I think it has something to do with being manufactured in spain so the VIN # is different.
  10. Well I was holding out for an '05 yz250 but can't seem to find a good deal on one. I have come across several great deals on '02-'04 yz250s and was wondering besides the aluminum frame and updated suspension(I think) what other differences make the 05 better?
  11. kid on a 426

    Newer KTM or YZ450 for a trail bike?

    Yah, bikes on the most part go for quite a bit more up here in the bay area though. Which is pretty much a bummer. On a side note, there is a 2006 and a 2005 ktm 525-SXs on craigslist both for $3500. The 05 only has about 20 hours on it, but the 06 has some nice aftermarket parts, and is the updated model right? Just wondering what your guys' pick would be
  12. kid on a 426

    Newer KTM or YZ450 for a trail bike?

    Yah, i ride track every once in a while, but certainly have no plans of racing motocross anytime soon. Mostly do single track, hillclimbs, some fire roads, and going to try to do a few hare scrambles this year.
  13. kid on a 426

    Lowest and highest time bikes

    Oh, and probably near 400 hours on my 426. still original top end. I love yammies.
  14. kid on a 426

    Lowest and highest time bikes

    We had 23+ years on my old 1980 xr80, then the original clutch went out but the engine was still factory sealed. But we had a pair of 1964 honda trail 90's with probably a ridiculous amount of hours on the original engines. Honda can sure make a reliable putt-putt bike. Can't say that much for their motocrossers though
  15. kid on a 426

    Newer KTM or YZ450 for a trail bike?

    Hah, well those pics are nearly 2 years old. The bike has seen quite a bit of riding time since... But I have a IMS tank, GPR stabilizer and all sorts of other goodies, but that still doesn't make up for the fact that its 30+ pounds heavier than most new 450's and the suspension is very outdated and never been worked on.