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  1. quantum500

    Who's going back to the 2 stroke?

    You only got me motivated to post. It should be a sticky on the TT consumer page.
  2. quantum500

    Who's going back to the 2 stroke?

    Now tell me why they are not always cheaper?....they should be way cheaper. When you look at the mechanics of it a header is a measured piece of pipe bent to fit. Any dummy with a tubing bender and a welder could make one that works. Now take a look at an expansion chamber. Not so easy to replicate. Of course they are stamped and welded together but still take more R&D and more expensive tooling to make it. You may say well the most expensive part is the silencer! Well yes it is. I will again ask why? All it is in basic terms is a glass pack. Oh now thats high tech! Same as a 2-stroke except with a bigger hole. I could probably bugger up a header my self, buy a cheapo can off of e-bay that is supposed to be automotive related for under $100 total, and if I had any creativity at all it would have enough bling to satisfy anyone. Yet the after market is getting you guys for at least $500 and well over twice that for some units! If I owned a 4-stroke I would not even put up with it. You are paying over 1000% mark up. That is pure disrespect of anyones intelligence to buy that crap. Yet everyone keeps on buying. Hmm is the new generation of dirtbikers getting stupider by the second or is it just me?
  3. quantum500

    Who's going back to the 2 stroke?

    Ah you bring up a very important point that has been over looked in this thread. The expansion chamber will get knocked around a bit and may even end up with some dents in Oh No! You might say. That could end up being expensive. On four stroke it is. 2-stroke your looking at a little over $200 for a complete exhaust system. What do you 4-stroke fellows pay for a top of the line exhaust??
  4. quantum500

    big bore two stroke

    Personally the ergos on either one is very dated, espeically when you start running a big tank. Either one can be made into a screamer. The KX more so. When I say screamer I mean a scary motorcycle! Something that does not ask for respect, it demands it! That being said a CR will long out last a KX. Not only in engine but in every aspect. Honda has made parts availble until 2010. I have yet to hear what kawasaki is doing. With that in mind, they are both mounts that can out run anything but a well tuned KTM 550. Who wants to deal with that nightmare? The honda is less maintnence intensive with parts available until 2010. Guess what you should buy?
  5. quantum500

    Drain Plug

    Somebody can weld it. Call around and see if you can find a welding shop that will garuntee that it won't leak after they weld it. They should be able to weld the hole up a little bit drill it out flush it with diesel re-tap the threads and you will be in business. Don't get freaked out about aluminum being in your tranny either. Unless you get a big chunk you should be golden. Aluminum is way softer than any of the hardened steel gears in the transmission.
  6. quantum500

    Steel sprockets & power...

    Very little noticable change in anything but the longevity of your drive train. Expect your sprocket and chain life to triple.
  7. MY dad has a an 06 dually with 4.11 gearing that according to the forums is noturious for bad mileage. It was until a few mods, I put a true flow air filter in it an bumped the timing up by 2 degrees and it is getting 12.5 mpg pulling over 30k gross over steep passes in colorado while pulling a gear higher than a 7.3 power stroke. If you don't know how to change the timing look up "tone ring" on dieseltruckresource.com Hope that helps.
  8. quantum500

    Two Stroke 500's?

    Service honda did do a conversion with the 125 frame. They have never done one with a 450 frame. The current conversion is with a 250f frame.
  9. quantum500

    CR Rekluse

    Yep your correct. One of the few bikes that you need a manual clutch in is a trials bike! You could run a auto but the manual gives the snap to certain maneuvers. I run a rekluse on a cr500 and lay waste to some AA sections that have most screaming for their mommy!! As far as cheating I want anything that makes riding more enjoyable and easier to beat the other guy with out it. Who cares what anybody else thinks. Thats one of the reasons why I ride a cr500. Most think its a detriment, thats the first part of my advantage.
  10. quantum500

    1983 Cr500r

    You have a couple of problems, first and most importantly there never was a 83 cr500. Now if it is indeed a cr500 it has to be a different year. So that means it has a keihn pj carb. If it has the symptoms that you say it has its running lean on the idle circuit. Check the air screw, it should be set at 1.5 to 2 turns out. That is optimum settings. Pull the choke. Does it idle better? If so your lean on the idle circuit. If that is the case icrease pilot jet sizes until it quites doing the ring ding idle. Should be with in 2 sizes to spec. The same trouble shooting will work on a mikuni, if by chance it is a 480??
  11. quantum500

    Is a 2002 cr125 too old to race?

    Its 90% rider 10% bike 100% fun. If you need a newer bike to have fun then do it. Any bike with a good rider is competitive. Mcgrath ran a 94 from that model year until he quite honda the first time. Bling doesn't make you go any faster.
  12. quantum500

    How can I Improve CR250R for Hill climbs?

    Hill climbing technique is quite different from 250 2-stroke to big bore four stroke. The key is to hold your momentum both engine and bike. Its hard to do, I know but you have to keep that 250 pinned!! Never ever let off if you can help it. If you have to slow down don't let off the throttle, grab some clutch, don't be afraid to smoke the clutch either just try not loop it out. It all boils down to kissing the front fender and keeping it wide open. Big bores (both 2-stroke and 4) have the advantage of pulling back into the power when you let off.
  13. quantum500

    CR 500 jetting question

    If your good now raise the needle a postion or 2 and one size up on the main you should be golden! Remember fat is always better than siezed.
  14. quantum500

    How can I Improve CR250R for Hill climbs?

    #1 way to increase a cr250's climb ability is to wedge a cr500 motor in it. Then you will think the 525 and 450 are pathetic.