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  1. You have been riding the wheels off of that thing!!
  2. tech857

    Huge clutch problem!

    What year ktm? Cable clutch or hydraulic?
  3. That 50n/mm spring seems pretty stiff for your weight for sure. I have a 500exc and weigh 225 with 52n/mm springs and they are on the stiff side for my old man woods pace.
  4. tech857

    100 miles on low/no oil!

    I ride with a guy who has run his old xt600 out of oil several times. Ran it till it overheated and stops running. The motor is shot obviously but it did not blow up and still runs. If it was noisy and did not feel right you did damage. It could blow the next time you rev it out or it may last for years. You can tear it down and inspect or do an oil change and roll the dice. Just be ready anything can happen anytime. The cams and head would be the first things to go as already mentioned.
  5. tech857

    Is stock air filter over oiled?

    Mine had a nice thick coat of oil and grease from the factory. Its better than no grease or oil and dirt getting in your new motor. I'm at 700 miles and 30hrs mostly all woods and trails. Cadman how's your tires holding up?
  6. I'm thinking the upper tubes are bent so you could roll them on a big flat table. Let the axle clamps hang off the edge.
  7. Maybe the fork tubes or triple clamps are bent. Everything fit together ok until you took it apart. Now you have something not lined up the same as before and things don't fit. Try rolling the fork legs on a smooth flat surface and see if they wobble as they roll.
  8. tech857

    Chain broke while riding

    Make sure that the master link clip is on the right way. The clip must be put on with the open end facing back if the link is up top of the swing arm. It so as the chain spins the clip will be pushed on by any debris or guides it runs through. Put the clip on the other way and it will come off.
  9. How do you adjust the timing??
  10. I think my 13 with the 14 tooth front sprocket has plenty of power. If I hold it open its straight up and out of there. The maxxis tire was not that great either it didn't get the power to the ground.
  11. Start out with a 14 tooth front sprocket. That's a nice boost and increases the torque.
  12. tech857

    99' yz 250

    Erratic idle or high idle could be ignition side crank seal air or maybe air leak at the intake. If you fill the radiators to the top when it warms up a small amount of coolant will be lost as it heats up and expands. It should only happen once. If your always pushing out coolant it maybe overheating or it could just be the cap is not holding pressure. Pressure test the cap. A little oil out of the PV vent is normal. Milky oil ? Condensation?
  13. tech857

    Countershaft loctite fix - comment

    Hey Michealks the red that you have all over your splines is from fretting. Its like rust and is caused the sprocket moving on the spline. You can google search fretting and learn about it. The Loctite keeps the sprocket from moving and wearing which keeps the nut tight which in turn keeps all the parts on the shaft from moving and wearing.
  14. tech857

    Soon to be 500 EXC owner...

    KTM recommends the 10w50 and 10w60 grades and Motorex is the only oil I've seen in those grades. Any other oils with those ratings? Maybe KTM just wants us to use the oil from their affiliate?