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  1. Supercross

    I promise I'm not being disrespectful, but what personal attacks? I just hear a bunch of passionate supercross fans expressing thier opinions. I know I'm a newbie, but I don't see what the problem is. Please let me know for future reference.
  2. Supercross

    Reed is not your friend. He's a paid pro. RC is not your friend. Hes a paid pro. Bubba is not your friend. He's a paid pro who, unlike the other 2, is dangerous as hell to himself and others. He deserves every dig his peers throw at him.
  3. Supercross

    As fans, we have the right to be bummed by a guy who is so freakishly fast on the bike, (almost too fast for the bike and the tracks his level of speed is confined to) but can't yet excersise the mental control over his heat of the moment emotions. What I'd like to see is a little more humbleness and just some freakin professionalism on his part...GROW UP AND WIN RACES JAMES!
  4. I also have the 9oz. Steahly flywheel weight on my 01 RM250. Works beautifully! I ride mainly trails and a little moto and the 9oz softens the hit just enough to make the bike really fun to ride. Do it.
  5. Boy, so happy to have a 2 stroke...just ride and have fun
  6. I guess all us newbies need to bow down to the Grizzly BTW, where were you 3 pages ago?
  7. Trailrider, have you considered going down a couple teeth in the rear for more top end? The bike makes so much power down low that it can easily manage the lower gearing and youll really wake things up on top. I'm running a 48 and it made a big difference in how the bike pulls up top, with plenty of power and snap down low still. I saw a guy on here somewhere whos running a 47, and hes mainly riding trails and loves it.
  8. All you have to do is remove the seat. Follow the wiring from TPS (which is located at the top rear of carb) up to where it connects and simply unplug. Now let me say this, I am not the anti TPS guy and I know this specifically worked well with the 2001 RM 250. As for this being a universally beneficial thing to do with all RMs with TPS, I can't say. Do a google search on your year RM and read up on your bike. I originally found the Idea about the TPS in the Transworld Motocross review of the 01 RM250.,13190,343987,00.html
  9. Okay BzJoe. Thanks
  10. If youre looking for more power, go with the reed valve. Reeds alone will give you a little more over rev and better throttle response throughout, but not more power.
  11. Yep, I agree. You can run Motul 800 synthetic at 50:1 if you want and it wont hurt anything. So heres the results after riding today: 158 main 45 pilot 1.25 turns dropped needle one position(from 3rd to 2nd from top) I ran it like this, except the needle change, and it was almost perfect. Then decided to just go in and change needle position. The result was as near perfect performance as you could want out of a 2 stroke. Power came on smooth and seemlessly with no rich, cruddy spots in the power band. Then after dialing the jetting and getting used to the new fun feel of the bike (reeds+jetting+sprocket+flywheel weight), I unplugged the TPS. The result was seemingly more power all over, especially from mid to the top. The jetting was still good and I did plug checks before and after unplugging TPS. No change in plug color. So my summary would be, there is a slight gain to be had by disconnecting TPS, but for some, maybe not enough to fool with...thats a personal call I guess. For my bike, the way I have it set up and with the mods Ive done, it worked out well and I am keeping it unplugged. BTW, If anybody here is tired of holding on to their 250 for dear life while trying to have fun on the trails, GET A STEAHLY FLYWHEEL WEIGHT NOW!!!! I went with the 9oz. The best $92 I have ever spent! Youll actually be able to ride faster cause your not fighting the bike anymore. I HIGHLY recommend it. I promise, youll thank me.
  12. 158 main (162 stock) 45 pilot (48 stock) air screw 1.0 needle 3rd running Motul synthetic @ 40:1 Boyesen pro reeds, stock pipe, 9 oz. flywheel weight, down a tooth in the rear (49 to a 48) did the re jetting and above mods in my garage yesterday. Jetted it based on similar set ups Ive seen. Taking it out today so Hopefully I'll be pretty close. I think I'm gonna leave TPS alone at first so I can dial jetting if necessary. John, you said you went back to a 48 cause the 45 was too lean...did you play with the air screw at go in a half or more? That wouldve richened it up. Also, the pilot controls throttle from closed to 1/8, then the needle takes it from there. But you say it affected mid range... I'm not sure that a one size leaner pilot was causing your mid range problem. That said, did it run better going back to the 48?
  13. will try it this week then. My only thing is, these guys over in Japan spend who knows how many countless hours designing this stuff to make the bike better only to find that in reality, the bike works better with the stuff unplugged? Go figure...