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  1. spudzy250

    Out For The Season

    1996cr125, u r the biggest homo ever to log on to thumpertalk. every1 hates u and wishes ur rednek ass would piss off. take ur monkey porn, move away from all people and die.
  2. my midget friend is real cocky and wont stop saying his rm100 is faster than my 250 and i saidits not. am i right?
  3. spudzy250

    Which Throttle should i get.

    does anyone know what throttle i should get?
  4. spudzy250

    Which Throttle should i get.

    I don't know what kind of throttle i want..I just broke mine which was a crappy plastic one or i should get an aluminum one.I don't want to spend lots of money but i don't want to keep buying new ones so I am wondering if I could have some i ideas about which throttle i should get
  5. spudzy250

    suzuki ds 80

    I wil buy it for 2 bucks lol
  6. spudzy250

    What Graphics kit should i get!!!!!

    i don't know what grapfhics kit i should get for me bike..do YOU GUYS HAVE NE SUGGESTIONS!!
  7. spudzy250

    Question for a moderator

    i am a honda fan..but i net to lift my sag cause my fatass on the bike is so damn badlol so what u guys talk about on here