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    Riding my 2002 FZ1 as much as posible when not on my dirtbike.
  1. Idaho Wolverine

    Number of Chain Links with 49 Rear Sprocket?

    I just put a 50 tooth ProTaper sprocket on my 06 YZ250f with no other changes. It is a very good sprocket by the way!
  2. So I asked a while ago about what to use for tie-downs in my Toy Hauler. I got the bolt-it-on set up and MAN is it GREAT!! Check them out at www.boltiton.net The owner is the one you get a response from if you email or call. I ordered a set with 3 chocks and he sent me 2. I emailed him, he called me back to appoligize then 2 day air's my missing chock, no cost of course. No one is perfect, and he was VERY quick to fix the oversite on his half!! Great product, great person to deal with!!!!!!!!! Will post pics when I can. This is a true asset to have. I can install or remove with no tools, in about 10 seconds. In a Toy Hauler, a flat bed, back of a truck.....what ever you want.
  3. Our 2007 23' FS WeekendWarrior is perfect for the 5 of us and our 4 bikes. The 3 Queen beds and 1 twin bed is a good set-up. Check out www.warriormfg.com and look at the super light trailers. Good stuff!
  4. Idaho Wolverine

    Motorcycle chocks inside my Toy Hauler?

    Mr. WooHoo, I have never thought of that! That looks cool. I might look at making something like that. Thanks!
  5. I finally picked up my 2007 Weekend Warrior and now I need to put in some removable wheel chocks for our bikes. Where can I put these? Are there certin spots on the floor I can't put them? Do I need to find a spot in the floor so I can bolt them to the frame? I plan on getting the Moose removeable ones so me and my family wont trip over them when the bikes are outside.
  6. I am picking up the 21SD model in a couple weeks. It should easily fit our 4 dirt bikes. I dont know the exact size of the flat bed at the front, but I a have stood on it, and it is good size. http://travelstarrv.com/travelstar_expandables_floorplans.html Oh poop, I just saw you are asking about a pop-up. My mistake. Sorry.
  7. Idaho Wolverine

    Toy hauler; pop out material

    The dealer is "Happy Camper" in Boise Idaho. Phone is 1-866-865-8300. The best "people person" I have talked to up there is Steve Fiske. I dont remember all of the options that are on it, but I am going up there to look one more time before I do buy it. I do remember it having a microwave and stereo. I dont remember any more in it than that. It might be loaded, I just did not make good mental notes that day:bonk:
  8. Idaho Wolverine

    Toy hauler; pop out material

    Check them out on www.travelstarrv.com It is the 21SD. You will find all the specs there. My dealer here is quoting me $20,999. But I am willing to bet I can get it for $19,000. I told him I was only pre-approved for 19K and he said "we should be able to deal with that" It will sleep 10, so the 5 of us will have plenty of room. Wont get the "he's kicking me, he's touching me" crap from the kids that we all hate!
  9. Idaho Wolverine

    Toy hauler; pop out material

    The floor plan looks like..............
  10. Idaho Wolverine

    Toy hauler; pop out material

    I just dont want my bikes inside of my camper. This is what I am going with I think.
  11. Idaho Wolverine

    Toy hauler; pop out material

    I will check that out Dirty. Thanks.
  12. Idaho Wolverine

    Toy hauler; pop out material

    My truck is a 2006 MegaCab 3500 with the Turbo Diesel. Toung weight will not be a problem. The equilizer / stabilizer hitch helps too. I need to go get in them one more time before I buy for sure. Thanks again for everyone's input.
  13. Idaho Wolverine

    Toy hauler; pop out material

    BUBBLE WRAP!!! I would not have thought of that. Thanks for the tip. That is why I came here with this. Anyone else have any tips?
  14. Idaho Wolverine

    Toy hauler; pop out material

    How about water proof? MAN that would suck to have your sleeping bag soaked when you are supposed to be out having fun.
  15. Hi guys. I am looking at a couple of toy haulers made by Travel Star. (www.travelstarrv.com) They have a camper on the back and a flat bed on the front of the travel trailer. Nice and no bikes inside to stink up the camper part. My question is about the pop outs that are the beds. They are made out of material simular to a tent, maybe a bit thicker, but quite simular. Any of you out there owned or used a pop up/pop out with this kind of material? Is it hard to keep warm or cool? Not under extreme conditions, but in the spring and fall it can get a bit cold and in the summer, 110* is not un-heard of. I want to be able to keep the wife and kids comfie.