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  1. Looking for a FMF fatty pipe for 14' 150.... even stock pipe if price is right!! Thanks!!
  2. Who is running one and what jetting changes did you do?? I have a 14' 150 and live at about 900 feet....
  3. First day running the REP turbo ring on a 14' 150 didnt touch jetting at all Need suggestions if anybody has good jetting suggestions with turbo ring or prefer stock carb with ball park jetting I live at about 900 feet Also anyone have a stock or FMF fatty pipe they want to sell??
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  5. Found one in great shape with some nice simple mods... What should I lookout for with this bike?? WIll be riding / racing some Mx and HS
  6. I am looking at 2014 150 really nice shape and some nice mods.... What would you guys recommend for the bike??
  7. Is this a option on the newer Huskys??
  8. How much better in handling is the 16' over a 14' ?? I have a lead on 14' with Ohlins suspension... Any tips would be helpful!!
  9. Anyone have one of these bikes yet?? Tell me the pros and cons please
  10. The dealer found the loose head bolt...can't remember which one exactly they found was loose of the four main ones...
  11. Watch the coolant level. I had a head bolt loose straight from the factory
  12. The dealership did the work via warranty since I am good friends with owner but I am still convinced it has a small leak since it was uneven from the start
  13. Yes have played with fork height. Will look into adjusting sag next ride
  14. Not enjoying my 450 in turns ,ruts or no ruts...even after suspension revalve....need input if linkage is the next step....
  15. What year is it?? My new 13 came with a loose head bolt straight from the factory and heard of other bikes with the same problem...check exhaust for smoke when under hard load if smoke big head gasket leak no smoke prob small head gasket leak....