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  1. 2003crf450

    Dead 03 Crf 450!!!! Why??????

    sorry to hear that you are having the same trouble as me i havent had a chance to go through and check behind the fly wheel or anything b/c i just bought a 01 tl1000r and need to do a little bit of work to it but i am hoping to get to it pretty soon so i'll let you know what i find if i find anything
  2. 2003crf450

    Dead 03 Crf 450!!!! Why??????

    i run 700cc oil motor oil in my trans side and in my engine side and have never had a problem before it shifts fine through all the grears but you never know and i have always heard that synthetic motor oil is very bad for a clutch but everybody uses something different but i will dig farther into it and see what i find but im still thinking is the main bearing
  3. 2003crf450

    Dead 03 Crf 450!!!! Why??????

    thanks for the opinion either tonight or tommorow im going to pull the flywheel and look at the stator and see if anthing came loose of if there is something binding inside of there and if i dont find anything i guess it will get a new crank and so forth
  4. 2003crf450

    Dead 03 Crf 450!!!! Why??????

    i only started it once after it seized but thats not the issue n-e way i tore it down tonight and the piston looks fine also so does the cylinder the valves look like they are seated up also they dont look bent the crank does have some side to side play i think more than it should and has the slightest up and down play but it's so minimal you almost cant even tell its there i dont know what the problem is anybody have any suggestions of what to do????
  5. 2003crf450

    Dead 03 Crf 450!!!! Why??????

    no it locks up again after about 45 sec of running then if you roll it back in 2nd it will free up but then when you start it it runs for about 45 sec then just locks up
  6. 2003crf450

    Dead 03 Crf 450!!!! Why??????

    why would it lock up though and then free back up when it's moved back thats usually a sign of main bearing isnt it????
  7. 2003crf450

    Dead 03 Crf 450!!!! Why??????

    ok i have a 03 450 my dad bought it new in 04 then sold it to me in 05 well about 4 monthes ago i put a new topend in it and rode it once vavles where kinda tight so i parked it then i took it and had the valves done and it ran great for about 4 rides then the water pump started leaking through the weep hole so i went through it and changed the bearing a seals and changed the oil and took it out today and it didnt leak so that was nice i thought hey my bike is actually running good with no problems so i rode it about an hr shut it down and went back out and rode some more well i was going across a field riding some stand up's when i got to the end and set it down it died so i figured i was out of gas but no i wasent so i went to kick it and it was locked up solid i put it in second and rolled it back and it turned over so i kicked it and it started up then it back fired and died again and was locked up solid!!!!!!! why???????? i change my oil and filter every 2 rides and it never got hot or anything what could of caused this????????
  8. 2003crf450

    valve life? long or short???

    i tore down my 03 crf 450 and it still looks great inside but i need to know before i slap in the new piston and rings if i should have the valves re seated i thought my rings where going bad but my intake valves where just not closeing all the way so should i just shim or also have valves re done?????