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  1. I live in Norway. Maybe the US model is different from the European one.? /Per
  2. For noice reduction! Hm . . . Then it goes away today. It is just in the way when changing air filter. Thank's /Per
  3. Here are two Pictures Rear fender is off, but the part of the rear fender which is visible inside the air box, also have the foam glued to it.
  4. Thank's. Will post picture to night. /Per
  5. Hi Thank you for answers. Just what I needed to know. /Per
  6. Anybody knows why there is foam glued inside the air filter box on the 2015 model? Any reason why I should not rip it off?
  7. I always remove backfire screen to get Access to cleaning the air intake. I use Twin Air filters.
  8. KX450F 2015 model I am using the handlebar in front most position. This prevent me from accessing the fork air nipples. Any of you know if I can just turn the tube 180 degrees to better acess the air nipples? BR Per R.
  9. I have had three KX450Fs. Currenly a 09. Removed screen from all of them. Benefit is that you are able to clean the air box. For me that is a must. Never had any issues reg. fire. BR Per
  10. They sell them in Italy
  11. KX450F hard to start: Here is my advice: Check valve clearance. Intake valve clearance(s) could be to narrow. Most common is right intake valve. BR Per
  12. My throttle body no. is 0140 AZ0N, and is not affected. According to dealer numbers that are affected are confidensial (for the time beeng). Sorry. I will post the numbers if I get them. BR Per
  13. Hi Link did not work Per
  14. Hi Try this site: BR Per
  15. Thanks. Yes, I finaly got through to the dealer. Some throttle bodies may have tiny cracks. I will ask for the numbers affected later this evening. Per