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  1. This was a great day for racing perfect weather. There was a number 2 on the course but I'm not sure if it was JM.
  2. mrcasull

    2005 450 wr jetting ?'s

    My local shop just got my ais kit in and I'm getting ready to get it put in. I would like to know if a 170 main plus what is in the kit work for me here in western NY or would the 168 be better? Then it's just a matter of the airbox deal and the exhaust I just want to have everything I will need to do the work. Thank you for your help or should I say thak you all for spending my money for me.
  3. mrcasull

    Wr 450 Banging Rear Shock

    Looks like there is a little trend comming out here with the top out. The next question where would I be able to get a spring rated for my weight? One more thing is I have to thank everyone on this site. I'm not a fixer upper I'm the rider. All the info I've picked up from this site since I've been looking is a great help and you guy's perform a great service for the beginner. Thanks alot!
  4. mrcasull

    Wr 450 Banging Rear Shock

    I just picked up a 450 and I'm trying to get everything set up for it's first trip. I am set the sag in the rear and now when standing next to the bike you can push down on the seat and let go you here a bang when the shock returns and stops. Im a 200 lb rider and I have about 1 1/2" of threads left on the shock so I don't think that I need a stiffer spring but that clunk sound just does not seem right. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks alot