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  1. badasstruck

    What do my fellow DRZ riders listen to?

  2. badasstruck

    JS Interview

    let's hope u guys r arguing this stuff all year. That will mean its gonna b a great season. not one of the sleepers that has plagued it all too often lately.
  3. badasstruck

    Looking for a Gel Seat

    PM me, I may be interested in a swap. This one was used approx.2/3 of the summer. Still mint cond. Never was quite as happy with the gel. Scott
  4. badasstruck

    My DRZ's new friend.

    Thats definitely gonna be my next bike purchase(sport/adventure tour). Just narrowin down choices!
  5. badasstruck

    Put on a new headlight

    Where did u get it? What xenon bulb did u use? Looks great. I like it.
  6. badasstruck

    Case Savers

    Like he said. Just buy the plain aluminum ones and have them powdercoated or anodizied. I powdercoated mine gloss black. They look great.
  7. badasstruck

    Bike still runs rough - what else could it be?

    Can't ask for any better than that! Let Eddie get it straightened out for you.
  8. badasstruck

    08 SM Tires

    I picked up a set of bridgestones new battleaxe tires this weekend at the motogp in indy. Tri-compound in the rear and dual compound on the front. Got both for $200(They were running race weekend deals) 160/60/17 and 120/70/17. I like them so far. I got 3000 miles on my stock rear. Their junk!
  9. badasstruck

    DRZ to Indy

    Yeah, definitely. I heard people were turned away. There was a huge line waiting to buy tickets when we got there. Glad I already had mine
  10. badasstruck

    DRZ to Indy

    No, my buddy was on a gsxr1000. Did u get the state police escort to the fairgrounds? WE wouldn't have made it to the start if the statey wouldn't have helped us out. He came rollin down 38th with his lights on and tellin the bikers on his speaker to fall in behind him. Took us straight down there and in the back entrance. Super cool on their part!
  11. badasstruck

    DRZ to Indy

    Man u must have got there before me. The entire fairgrounds were packed with bikes when we got there just before the start. They parked us in the back. I know what u mean about that friggin gel seat. I already took mine off when i got home Sun. night. Terrible. Thinking seriously about the Corbin. Chris Carr is the man! Scott
  12. badasstruck

    DRZ's at Indy Motogp

    Anybody else at the motogp this weekend at Indy. Was AWESOME, despite the weather. I seen a couple Drz's at the track. One was a black s with a trunk and a TT sticker on it. He was riding with another yellow s. Seen u guys on Georgetown Sat. following qualifying, and again on 56th st. following the race on Sun. Just wondering how everybody liked it. Can't wait for next year! I was also very impressed with how the bikers were treated all weekend. We were allowed to park on the backstretch of the speedway(awesome) State police then shuttled us out the back door after the race, avoiding all the traffic log jam. State boys also led us down 38th st on Sat. night to the flattrack nationals at the fairgrounds, again avoiding the traffic jam waiting to get in. I thought it was great to see the extra attention that was afforded to all of us bikers! Scott
  13. badasstruck

    DRZ to Indy

    Yeah, i hope the forcast changes. Its not looking very dry right now.
  14. badasstruck

    DRZ to Indy

    That would be neat, but the kids are staying home for this one. Dads weekend to have some fun. Doesn't happen very often:applause:
  15. badasstruck

    edge tail lite kit

    Check out my garage for pics