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  1. im running a 140/70 bt45 with no complaints.
  2. I really liked the kawasaki zx6 turn signals when i first saw them. these are the same thing off a klr. kawi had a recall on the rubber stalk so my local dealer had several laying around. they mounted up fairly easy.
  3. +5 totally new bike! i cant quite scrape my footpegs anymore.
  4. DRZ650SM...
  5. casino resort security manager:devil:
  6. the 21" front limits the street tire selection. bt45 do the job well and are reasonably priced.
  7. nope, its a DR thing...
  8. im glad to see that TB pipe worked. i haven't had the cash to order it and get the busa pipe mounted but it is on my short list.
  9. call them. it is not listed but they gave me that part number and said they do sell it seperately.
  10. for those looking for a midpipe to mount up a street can, 2 brothers makes a midpipe for about $130. Part number 005-64015. more expensive than the hindle but it doesn't have that radical bend in it. My buddy has one on his DR and i'm going to check it for fitment with the busa can.
  11. my problems were with the stock carb and the 170 main. I went to a 160 and it cooled it down but It definately lost some pull. Now i'm running what jeff sent me in the TM40 and it seems to be holding up okay but I'm gonna try to mod a street can soon.
  12. no, the ims stock not suzuki stock. I guess I missed something in an an earlier post.
  13. c10, I had the exact same problem with mine after a few hundred miles. i had exhaust leaks around the endcap and rivets too. we are both at the same altitude and humidity. what main are you running?
  14. I just mounted mine up, put gas in it and twisted the throttle. no modding necessary.
  15. i have a busa can I think will work. what are you using for a midpipe/header?