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  1. Eurobiker

    The 1985 XR350R

    I think the XRs Only header is about 1/4 in. larger id than stock on the 600.
  2. Eurobiker

    The 1985 XR350R

    I wouldn't chase bigger displacement on the 350. I'd just rebuild the top end and ride it. Get a 400 or 600 if you need more motor.
  3. Eurobiker

    The 1985 XR350R

    This was last month at our BMW state rally. I took the 350, as there are great DS trails in the area. It also works as a Pit bike and I was about to hop on and take off, when she asked if it was my bike. Of course, I said no, but talked her into getting on and taking it for a parking lot spin. She chickened out- as you can see it was a bit tall for her. We had a good laugh anyway.
  4. Eurobiker

    The 1985 XR350R

    Common camera N00b error. flsomerv, go into your camera settings and reduce the resolution size to 2 mega-pixels. Unless your printing a poster, 12 mp is just too much information, resulting in these enormous pictures. So as not to incur the wrath and disdain from other TT members, knock that resolution down- you'll never see the difference on a computer monitor. This buys you 3 things: 1.) Pictures are sized to fit the screen. 2.) File sizes are reduced, which saves space on your hard disc and enables you to actually email someone a pic or 2. 3.) Your camera/ memory card can now store thousands of pictures, not the dozens you've been limited to. This resolution is also fine, if you print the typical 4 x 6 in. photo. Class dismissed.
  5. Eurobiker

    The 1985 XR350R

    Still have the Jersey? Equally important; could you still fit into it?
  6. Eurobiker

    The 1985 XR350R

    Mighty quiet around these parts.
  7. Eurobiker

    The 1985 XR350R

    Post a pic of your's. Here's a stock XR600 stator that belongs to Blakebird on ADVrider. A rewind typically involves all the posts being rewound. Understand that half (6) are for the bikes ignition and the other half are the lighting coils. The Ricky Stator site shows how these can be run in parallel to double the output.
  8. Eurobiker

    XR600R lose manual de-comp lever?

    It should have the manual decomp lever. My 92 had it removed, too; but I put it back on. It's especially useful after you dump it or if you have a high comp. piston in there. Be sure to order the little bracket that holds the cable down by the rocker cover.
  9. Eurobiker

    Rotella T 15w40

    +1 Use in my XR350, 600 and my Laverda RGS1000:thumbsup:
  10. Eurobiker

    XR650R stator rewind giveaway

    Is this the line for the free stator rewind? I've got an XR600 I could send ya!
  11. Tank, you need to do some careful measuring of both the piston and bore. If necessary, you way want to replace the sleeve. http://www.psep.biz/store/honda_dirt_bike_cylinder_sleeves.htm
  12. Eurobiker

    socorro, new mexico. Riding?

    Yes, check out the Non-Trinity Ride over at Advrider, Rockies regional forum. It was epic. Monticello Canyon: There was some carnage.....
  13. Eurobiker

    Idiot Alert- another guy can't start his XR400

    C'mon Chip, don't give up so easily. Properly tuned, these things will start easily.
  14. Eurobiker

    The 1985 XR350R

    Hey Corky You missed an Epic weekend. Here's my XR350 being fired up by my friend Klaus. He loved it. One of the 50 or so water crossing we did Friday...... My mad sand skills......
  15. Eurobiker

    help!what is my 500 engine in my xr350r??

    Go here: http://www.babbittsonline.com/pages/parts/viewbybrand/7/Honda.aspx and plug in the model info. It will show you the range of SN's for a particular model year.