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  1. ramzo85

    Glowing Red Exhaust!

    Just an observation unless it was at night and you did have your garage door opened you might want to at least crack your door cuz it dose not take long to fill a garage up with carbon monoxide.
  2. ramzo85

    What parts can I use off a YZ80???

    Well the carb and front end are the only bolt on mods off a yz I have seen one with a swing arm conversion so that the yz shock can be used but it is alot of fabrication to do it. I would say it is not a good deal for one that dose not sound like that good of a deal on a 95 yz 80 unless it has a lot of mods and in really good shape. Also you can get the carb on e-bay for like 50-80 bucks and the front end for 200-250. That is what I know
  3. ramzo85

    ??Powroll 160cc kik info??

    will removing this create any damage long or short term I am sure it was put their for a resin.
  4. ramzo85

    Helmet Paint Job

    Want to paint my helmet...... nice job sorry about your dads friend, an i do not think you have to much to worry about with the new helmets It is not the same plastic as say 10 years ago it is more of a composite materyal.
  5. ramzo85

    Ttr125l Jetting Recommendations?

    Read the sticky Main 110 pilot 17.5
  6. ramzo85

    TTR-125 Nikasil Cylinder?

    Spend $350 or so and get the bbr 150 kit it will have everything you need to fix the motor and it will be punched out most likely it will cost you more in labor to have it bored out .20 over and they do have a .40 over piston if you need to take out more wall.
  7. ramzo85

    ??Powroll 160cc kik info??

    Thanks that is some good info do you have to have the 160 kit on to remove the counterbalance or is that something that can be done to a stock motor?
  8. ramzo85

    cr80/85 carb on ttr

    I was looking at a 28mm Keihin off a cr80 dose anyone know if it will work on a ttr I do not know why it would not other then getting it to fit on the plastic grommets.
  9. ramzo85

    ??Powroll 160cc kik info??

    I am lost now????? The 170 is the stroker motor. I understand that but do not care. I am concerned with the 160 it is not a stroker. Y are we talking about the 170 stroker kit on a 160 info thread???? All I want to know is how difficult the kit is to install because it calls for case work. Is it just miner shaving or do you have to split it and do major work on it?
  10. ramzo85

    swingarm question pt. 2

    It might a little how much are you off by?
  11. ramzo85

    Checy 1500 VS. Tundra

    I know that but if you where paying attention he had to pick between a 4 door Tundra or an x-cab 1500.
  12. ramzo85

    TTR150L <> CR80 conversion

    Well you have a few options. But first of IT is near impossible to get the 125 motor in the 80. It might be possible but It would take a lot of time an probably a CNC machine. so that leaves you with this. 1.) put the yz front end on the ttr not to difficult and their is a lot of how to on this site. then just get the bbr spring for the rear. This is probably the best way to achieve what you want. 2.) Do the front end swap an rear end swap from the YZ to the TTR. But the rear is a difficult swap and requires a lot of custom fabrication, but if you are handy with a mig welder and are not scared to strip the hole bike down it is not too bad. 3.) teach her how to ride a 2 stroke up in the power-band. them little things will climb if you ride them right. But it still might be E Z'er for you to just do all the work on the bike rather then tech her to ride a 2 stroke.
  13. ramzo85

    ????? Bbr Rev-box ?????

    That is true but I think it changes the power curve some to.
  14. ramzo85

    swingarm question pt. 2

    As long as you are hand with a mig you are right it is not too bad. but Y not just use the hole yz rear end so you get the disk break, if you use the ttr hub you will most likely run into clearance problems cuz of the drum break. But that would be sweet if you could lace the best of both worlds.