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  1. My clutch started slipping on a ride this spring. It turned out to be a small rock wedged between the counter shaft sprocket cover and the arm that the clutch cable attaches to. It's worth taking a look before forking out $ for a new set of clutch plates.
  2. One other "skill" that i discovered years ago while mountain biking and re-learned a while back at an MSF course - look where you want to go not where you are. Don't stare at the ground right in front of you or at that big rock you want to avoid. Look 50 feet or more down the trail. This gives you time to pick your line and avoid those big rocks before you're on top of them. When you're in a corner look to the exit of the corner, turning your head if need be. This is a good technique for motorcycles (on and off road), driving, biking, skiing, riding horses and probably a whole lot more stuff that I haven't done yet. Like many other things, the better you are at riding a dirt bike the more fun it is and getting better takes time in the saddle. Have fun.
  3. I'm not going to be able to make it. I've got jury duty on Tuesday. It's looking like a great trip too. Make sure you post a ride report when you get back. I'd like to know how it goes.
  4. Yep. Area = pi times radius squared. 3.14 x 1.7 x 1.7 = 9. The carb won't care if the hole is square or round as long as it's one hole of about nine square inches.
  5. I should be able to do 130 miles if I strap my little jerry can to the rack. There's nothing at the 93/97 intersection which is the turn to Bagdad. Nothing is 8-10 miles past the 93/97 intersection. When I was there last summer the place had just changed hands and wasn't open for business yet. It may or may not be now. Either way I wouldn't count on gas there unless you can get first-hand confirmation from someone who has gotten gas there recently.
  6. I'm in for the 22nd.
  7. Hey Ken, Count me in for the 22nd AM. I just read your write-up about the trip to the lake. That's the kind of trip I'd like to do. I hate to miss school but I got 93% on the last test in fluid mechanics so I think I can afford to miss one day! I do have to be back on Monday though since I've been selected for jury duty on Tuesday.
  8. Hey, Neil, happy birthday. I enjoy your posts; always something good to say. I hope you (and the BMW) continue to stick around for another year.
  9. I've been lurking around here for awile now wishing I could join you guys when I see AZ rides posted but I between school and work I rarely get a day off. But next week is spring break and I can take a couple days off work of my choice. Anyone interested in riding out Reddington Pass (Tucson area) and up the back side of Mt. Lemmon or just exploring the ORV area at Reddington Pass? I'm open to other suggestions too.
  10. This winter's project: http://i75.photobucket.com/albums/i312/SamLarson/pa12assembly004.jpg It actually belongs to my boss but I do most of the work so I consider it "my project". Maybe when I finish school I'll have the time/$ for some fun projects like the FJ40, '67 Camaro or 900 Supersport sitting in the backyard.
  11. Alright, here's post thirty-something. I've been lurking for a year and a half now so I have yet to come up with a question that I haven't already seen the answer to here. As for answering other's questions, when I can answer half a dozen other TTers beat me to it. I will keep lurking and chime in when I have a question or something worth posting. Maybe I'll ask for advise on what oil to use
  12. I'm with Harry but sometimes Arizona gets a little too rocky.
  13. Yep, plenty of riding to keep you busy around here. We could use another DRZ at school as I haven't seen any others there. What are you going to be studying?
  14. Rumple, That would be cool. I get a little nervous riding out there alone. I don't get out too much now since I'm a full-time student (at age 36, &%$#@!?) and work weekends but spring break is coming up in a couple weeks or so. I should have a couple free days then if you're up for a ride. I'm sure the DRZ is getting tired of the daily commute to the university and would like to get offroad again. I know I would. I'm not a hard core rider - still kinda new the to dirt side of the sport, I just like getting out there and exploring. But this is the time of year for riding in Arizona. Action
  15. I've only been out to the Tortillitas a couple of times. I should get out there more since I work just south of there. Once you get up in the hills and out of sight of the highway it's gorgeous country. Another good ride is to go out Tanque Verde Rd and over Reddington Pass. Just after the turn off to Reddington you can turn west and take some trails toward Mt Lemmon. Eventually you'll run into the road coming down the back side of Mt Lemmon. From there turn left to go up to Summerhaven or right to Oracle.