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    I love to play basketball and ride my dirtbike
  1. ?Swapping out the rear shock on an 03. Trying to get parts off ebay. Only thing I can find is an 07. Will it fit?
  2. Johnnybmoto

    Finally got a gopro of my track

    it took us 3 years to find this one. Luckily there were already 3 tracks on this road so everyone is pretty used to it
  3. Johnnybmoto

    Finally got a gopro of my track

    3 acres. Everyones cool cept for the ones along the fence. They should be cool considering the moved in after the track was already there. They came over before they bought it and we told them how often we ride and everything. They were like oh well thats pretty cool. Then they came over and bitched the first time we rode this year haha
  4. Johnnybmoto

    Finally got a gopro of my track

    I have some longer ones with a better camera angle. Musta got bumped at some point
  5. Just a few laps. Had this built over the summer
  6. Johnnybmoto

    Random Moto Thread

    threads still going, nice!
  7. Johnnybmoto

    shifting while in air..

    Hit the jump on 5th and shift to 4th in the air if you are bogging upon landing.
  8. Johnnybmoto

    arenacross starts

    Honestly, you will be lucky to click 3rd, and if you do it will be for a short period of time. Most AX starts are extremely short and go into a tight 180* turn.
  9. Johnnybmoto

    Spoiler x-games sx

    My back tires been hitting my exhaust for the last two months. I still raced.
  10. I broke my left clavical on Thursday. It was a clean break and the bone is still pretty much straight, it's not really angled at all. What are the odds I will be able to race again in five weeks without surgery?
  11. Johnnybmoto

    Random Moto Thread

    broke my collarbone and knocked myself out racing last night.
  12. Johnnybmoto

    Best Whip

    360's have been around for quite a few years now.
  13. Johnnybmoto

    Random Moto Thread

    Raced thursday, got 3rd in MX1 and 4th in Open. Rode friends track today. Most likely gonna race washougal next weekend.
  14. Johnnybmoto

    Washougal National

    I wish we could have used that section for amateur days, it looked insanely fun.
  15. Johnnybmoto

    Where was Kyle Regal yesterday ?

    townley crashed really hard the first lap of the first moto in the whoops. The said he popped his shoulder out and went straight back to the hotel.