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  1. marrk_us

    BBR XR200R/218R for sale in California;

    Also a BBR on ebay http://www.ebay.com/itm/Honda-Other-/331585474029?forcerrptr=true&hash=item4d3408cded&item=331585474029
  2. marrk_us

    Bargain Basement BBR 200 Project

    The header had a small leak so I pulled it and was repacking the silencer when I took the pics. Right on the suspension, but it has a 17" rim laced to the rear. Shopping for a quality trials tire for the back. I thought it was a great deal for the money. It would be nice to be 5' 6'' and 90lbs for a day to try it out. The last time I was on a mini I tore up my "good" ACL, but it should work for her.
  3. marrk_us

    BBR fuel tank

    Thought I'd link to my post in the XR/CRF 80-200 forum to see if anyone who's done the BBR 230 conversion has found solutions to the small fuel tank problem. Have the Acerbis add-on tank already, but would like to see if anyone's come up with a real replacement tank.. http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/1037317-bargain-basement-bbr-200-project/
  4. I'd heard and read most the articles on BBR 200 and 230 bikes, I never expected to have one in my garage. The bikes not for me, i'm 6ft and 200lbs and am just completing a CR125/KDX200 hybrid for myself. The summer started out working on a female friends CRF230 and trying to make it into a decent "real" bike for her, XR250 forks, Works Performance rear shock, and the normal exhaust and other mods. She's 50 and grew up riding, her father a longtime MI off-road and ice racer had her and her brothers riding almost before they could walk. In other words you never have to wait for her in the woods. She's rode KDX200's and while she loved them, they were always a little too tall, even when lowered so the CRF230 with mods made perfect sense. Well, in the middle of the CRF project this pops up on the local Colorado Springs craigslist. A BBR200 listed for $2400! I mentioned it to her and the next day it's in my garage. The engine is very solid and after a good clean up the bike is in very nice shape. New bodywork/seat cover, race tech suspension springs, etc are on the way. She's keeping the CRF but this bike seems like it should be perfect for her once we make some adjustments to it, taller seat foam, adjustable triple clamps, a respring/revalve, and possibly moving the foot pegs slightly. She ordered an Acerbis, fork mount external tank for now to deal with the tiny BBR tank, it should give her just as much range in the woods as the CRF and plenty for most rides. But does anyone know if someone's come up with a larger tank for the BBR's? We would like to eventually add a lighting coil, and headlight to it so a larger tank would really be nice. I've seen the handlebar mount Acerbis but while (like the fork mount unit) it would be a temporary fix I'd really like to have a normal tank with descent capacity instead of an add on tank. While they work, they can be a pain at times and give the bike that "Beverly Hillbillies" look. Any thoughts or suggestions? While I can weld, building a custom tank myself is a little beyond my comfort zone. Another pic next to my hybrid project. While way too small for me, it should be perfect for shorty, and definitely a "real" bike.
  5. marrk_us

    white 1990 kdx

    Here's a link to my build http://www.kdxrider.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=111&t=11214 The stock graphics won't fit on the cr shrouds. Decal works can reproduce them to fit the cr, it's just a matter of figuring out some of the other details.
  6. marrk_us

    white 1990 kdx

    White KDX's are definitely rare. I've had a '88 and a '90 both in white. The '90 just got a "frame-lift", 30 lbs. of liposuction and a little "nip and tuck", seat cover done and still working with Decal Works on some retro graphics. I've had 2 green KDX's and still have a green KLX300 but always liked the white better.
  7. marrk_us

    KX Engine in CR Frame

    It's a trials tire. All the rage off-road for the past few years. Easier on the trails, better traction in most situations except deep sticky mud (not much of that up here at 7.000 ft). Most my friends have tried them and swear they'll never go back to a knobby. This is my first one sooooo we'll see.
  8. marrk_us

    KX Engine in CR Frame

    Shouldn't be too hard if you have access to a tig welder. Here's a link to my KDX/CR hybrid build http://www.kdxrider....p?f=111&t=11214. It's getting close to finished. Hardest (slowest) part of the build has been building the pipe, not hard just requires a little imagination, an extra set of hands and patience. I had both cr125 and 05 kx125 frames and swingarms ready to build. I decided to go with the cr because the frame and swinger alone weighed almost 8 lbs less then the kx's, plus i just wanted to have a 'slightly' different kdx. If you have access to the welder go for it.
  9. Thanks for the replies guys. On my first hybrid build (into a kx125 frame) I used a large tank and had to mold the bottom of it to fit. Wasn't a big problem just a little time involved. I'm just trying fo figure out which tank will involve the least amount of molding. Good pictures of the clarke tank, anyone out there with closeup pics of an IMS on a 125? If it carries more of the extra fuel higher it'll mean less remolding. I haven't fit the pipe yet. The original 89-94 kdx pipe will run too high into the tank area, so i'm ordering one for the newer kdx, more of a low boy design. It should be a lot closer and pass through the frame lower like the cr's pipe did. Then i'll route it to a cr250 silencer. Here's a link to the build so far over at KDXrider in the hybrid section http://www.kdxrider.net/forums/viewtopic.php?t=11214
  10. I'm in the middle of my KDX200AF project and could use some help/suggestions on which large tank would be the best starting point for the bike. I know the stock CR125 tank will fit with no problems, but for woods riding i'll definitely need a bigger tank. I also run a headlight so the aux. tank that straps onto the forks won't work. The top of the KDX engine is a little higher in the frame then the cr125 engine (maybe not as high as the CR250's?). It also has a water elbow on the top of the cylinder that may be close to hitting a larger tank (depending on where in the frame the tanks expand into to get their extra capacity). Here's some pics of the bike so far. Maybe some of you have some pics of your bikes larger tanks (without shrouds) that will help me decide which tank to order that will need the least work to get to fit. Thanks
  11. I'm in need of some Honda suspension advice and this seems the place to find it. I've done some searches and haven't found the answers so here goes. Long story short, I spend all my riding time in the woods and mountains of Colorado. I've owned xr250's 350's 600's and several kdx's. I'm in the beginning stages of building my second hybrid (kdx engine in a motocross frame), my first was in a kx frame. http://www.kdxrider.net/forums/viewtopic.php?t=6270 Now i've started another based on a 2003 cr125 frame. All the tig welding to fit the kdx motor is done and the frame is out being refinshed prior to final assembly. My question is this, will the Showa suspension from a crf250x bolt directly onto the 03 cr125 frame? I've done some part number checking and the rear swingarms are the same part number so i'm good there and the 18" rear wheel should work also, but since the forks and shocks are different makes/sizes part numbers do me no good. I thought maybe someone here may have some first hand knowledge. Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.
  12. marrk_us

    07 TTR 230 side plastics

    Maier is making replacement plastic for the ttr230's in several different colors. http://www.maier-mfg.com/catalog/dirt/yamaha/ttr230
  13. marrk_us

    Homemade kickstart TTR230

    We're hoping to get in a last mountain ride in on Sunday, then i'll be bringing it down to low altitude (5200ft) for winter. I'll get some more pics then. Basically I used the tt225 brake pedal, narrowed at the pivot area, and mounted it at the stock pivot point, but from the inside of the frame. Then I heated it, tweeked it several times to get it angled right. It's a little short on length but as the little engine has so much compression braking I don't use it much anyway. I'm thinking about mounting a kdx rear wheel and disc brake set up this winter. If that doesn't work I should be able to pick up yz pieces for around $100 on ebay and fit them. Not really needed but once winter hits in Colorado I usually have a couple 'projects' in the garage to keep me busy. As for fitting the tt225 engine...absolutely no skill is required, everything bolts in and lines up perfectly, carb too. With the kick starter, the lever does touch the footpeg mount at the botton of the stroke, but since a 225 is almost as easy to start as a 2 stroke its not a problem. TDC, half a kick, and she's running. Could never figure out why they stuck the ttr225's and 230's with the extra weight of a starter and battery anyway??? A 5'6" 130lb girl can start mine second kick every time. Starter on a wr450 or xr650....sure, but a 225???
  14. marrk_us

    Homemade kickstart TTR230

    It's an 18" rear. I used a ttr230 frame, not a ttr125 frame. I used a spacer inside the fork to shorten them slightly, then slid them up some in the triple clamps. I keep the bike at a friends in the mountains, I'll get some more pics when I bring it down once the snow hits.
  15. marrk_us

    Project ttr230 for sale on ebay

    http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/YAMAHA-TTR3-230-PROJECT-BIKE-/170556843574?pt=Motorcycles_Parts_Accessories&hash=item27b5fae636 Thought someone here might be interested