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    The Motoplex sucked

    Are member base is excellent....with well over 2000 members....weather there on this site or not....the motoplex was built with one thing in mind ...to give riders a place to go when the weather outside is bad...We continue to have great success over the past few years with growth...along with growth comes improvements......We do have plans in place to make the Motoplex 16,000 square feet bigger..that will give us about 40,000 square feet of riding area...hopfully by next season... We have hired a 20 year veteran last fall to take care of our track design and preperation..both inside and outside..MOST OF OUR CUSTOMERS SAY THE PLEX IS THE BEST IT'S EVER BEEN....We APOLIGIZE to those who don't feel this way and offer riders the chance to tell us what they would like to see change..... In closing we would like to THANK all of those who have visited THE MOTOPLEX THIS YEAR AND IN YEARS PAST.....With rider turnouts at RACES AVERAGING 125-150 PER EVENT we are happy it continues to grow.. Knowing all to well that with no riders no Motoplex..... THANKS AND HOPE TO SEE YA SOON...RIDE HARD "BUY IT RIDE IT BREAK IT FIX IT"