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  1. CRF150NG

    Anyone get the MotoSport Catalog???

    I've ordered someware around $1000 worth of parts and other things through them and have no complants. Great service and very resonable prices.
  2. I was looking for graphics kits for my crf 150F and noticed that in many of the mags. have an availability list that only says that the kits are available for the CRF250. I just wanted to know if the CRF250 kits will fit on m CRF 150F. Thanks!
  3. CRF150NG

    Bike prices

    I was just wondering about some bike prices. I lokked around and found some prices but just wanted to ask. These are the bikes I would like some prices on: Honda CRF250 Honda CRF450 Thanks!
  4. CRF150NG

    Trail Bike

    Well, I'm 17/ 5'9"/120 lb. and have been riding since I was 9. Is that good enough?
  5. CRF150NG

    kids starter bike

    You should go with the crf80/100. These are great starter bikes and can take a beating. Good luck.
  6. CRF150NG

    Trail Bike

    Yea, I guess that would work, read some good stuff on those, a friend has one and I like the way it rides.
  7. CRF150NG

    Trail Bike

    Hay, the name doesn't say anything, but yes, I do own one, Just wanted to know if anyone had any other different suggestions because I'm looking to get a new bike.
  8. CRF150NG

    Trail Bike

    Just wondering what a good trail bike would be. The trails around here are tight and narrow, with lots of ruts and mud holes. Don't madder the make but preferable a Honda or Suzuki. If anyone could help or has a suggestion just say so.