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  1. white rabbit

    central ohio

    i need some riding and racing in central ohio
  2. white rabbit

    carbon fiber rad. braces

    im a carbon fiber junky does any one make a carbon fiber rad. brace
  3. white rabbit

    I'm finally in Ohio!!!

    we do a ride every memoral weekend at bear creak out side canton in navar it get a bit loud at night but its great riding they have a mx track an 300 achers of trails we arrive on friday and stay till monday its a blast you can only camp on holiday weekends so come have a blast and camp with me and my freinds from all over ohio
  4. white rabbit

    gallion ohio riding

    i moved here about a year ago and only found i track sunset, its nice but would love to ride some trails and other close trails and meet some fellow riders cool thx
  5. white rabbit

    Who Still Races the 426 ?

    i went from a 92 yz 250 to a 01 yzf426 so its like a brand new bike i race it every weekend that i can