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  1. Crash28

    2009 Makita Seat Cover

    Anyone know where I could pick up JUST the seat cover by one industries? The one that Reedy uses, with the black sides and red top. I don't need anything else just the seat cover. Been surfin and nothing.
  2. Crash28

    07 Front forks....

    Just changed the oil and only put oil in the main chamber and not in compression chamber. If that makes sense. I put in the required 553ish it asked for when combining both. I think the book said 363 for chamber and 190 for compression chamber. If I put oil in main chamber will it filter through to the compression chamber? Do you have to drain the compression chamber seperately? Book is jiberish to me. Let me know your thoughts. Thx.
  3. Crash28

    Restaurant location?

    Hey Motobark, Bingo, that's the one and wicked, I forgot all about the Nascar simulator. Damn that was a cool place. I'm going to check online re:"South Coast mall in Costa Mesa" but if you happen to remember the exact name and possibly the address I'd appreciate it. I have a bud from Edmonton, Alberta, CA who is heading that way. I told him he has to check it out. Thanks.
  4. Crash28

    Restaurant location?

    I need to find the location/address of this restaurant. Being from Canada I've no idea of streets, areas, or any sign of where this is except for: I read it in a MX mag of places to see if attending the Glen Helen MX race. I know this, It's about 1hr south of LA. It has a full size dragster and Indycar on the wall and more importantly has or had Jeff Emig's KX 250 on display as well. I think it's in a mall. Anyone, anyone, anyone, Bueller, Bueller, Bueller.......no where this is or what I'm talking about? Thanks.
  5. Crash28

    Renthal Fat Bars MC bend

    Hey everyone, What does one need to mount Renthal Fat bars on an 04 RMZ250? I'm guessing simply removing old stockers to put these on ain't gonna work. So do I need new top clamps, or both top and bottom clamps? Thx.
  6. Crash28

    Re pack a silencer.......

    Hey all, I've decided to repack my 04 silencer and I think I've done it wrong. I found that around the core there was some steel mesh which slid off. I thought this was from the old packing so pulled it off. I then bought some moose poop and wrapped that around the core and then proceeded to wrap the steel mesh around the packing to hold it in place. Since Moose suggested I use steel wire to hold packing in place I figured the steel mesh would be even better. Soooooo, the difference now being the steel mesh is on the outside of the packing instead of the inside. Has anyone done this before and is it ok? or should I repack placing the steel mesh back around the inside of the packing? Thx.
  7. Crash28


    Problem solved, originally replaced spark plug with what thought to be a good but ended up being a bad spark plug. Put in a brand new one and found the 4 twist process works like a charm. Time to go riding. Thanks for all the input. See you on the track. Crash28
  8. Crash28

    Whats the best spark plug?

    I need new spark plugs for my 04 and was wondering if there is one out there that is the shiit. Suggestions from all please...
  9. Crash28


    HELP!!!! Now it doesn't start at all. After hundreds of kicking it's a no go. We checked the plug and that's fine and we can see it's getting a spark. But it won't start at all. I tried to pull start the beast but nada. How long did I try, we probably pulled that thing for 5k or 2.5miles for you yanks. It showed signs of wanting to start early but wouldn't hold an idle and the last 2k/1m only bogggggggg. Now what do I do? Opinions from people on hand: Fuel screw, valves, and cdi, and apparently I'm told it has low compression. The low compression seems to point to valves as I'm told but me not mechanically inclined. Based on this new info anyone got any new suggestions for me? I'm phoning the dealer tomorrow to see if they'll help me out. But...... not sure how that will go. Will update tomorrow after the phone call.
  10. Crash28


    Any other ideas, after 300 of those it finally works but I'd like to start it quicker if possible.
  11. Crash28


    How do I start these things? Daft question I know hahaha I tried the - turn on gas, pull choke, and twist throttle 3times method and it sounds like it's trying but nuttin. After 1hr of continuous kicks it finally comes to live. The funny thing is it usually happens with the choke off not on. After it's been running for bout 5 to 10mins and I shut it off and try to start again, it starts with only 1 kick. Status of my bike, it's an 04 and I recently had my local dealer rebuild the transmission as 2-3-4 gears needed replacing and also the clutch. While the bike was apart they also did a top end, piston and rings. *** It's not fully broken in yet!!! *** due to cold weather. I'm thinking it doesn't start easy because of this cold weather and the bike being recently rebuilt. Will it get any easier after she's broken in?
  12. Crash28

    What could this be?

    Shouldn't be due for a new piston and rings I've hardly ridden the bike the past few years. Ahhhhh, thats exactly what happend. I had just changed the oil and on the previous lap I crashed and layed it over on it's side. If that's just the problem, yippee!!!! I'll check it out tonight when I'm home. Thanks for the advice.
  13. Crash28

    What could this be?

    I pulled of the track and found oil was spewing out my airbox. I'm not sure what had happened as the bike showed no signs of explosion. A spectator came over and told me he saw me go around a corner and a big puff of blue smoke came out my exhaust. I came in right after that corner and didn't feel anything had happened. I was told it could be a plugged drain hose but checked and it's fine. Any ideas what it could be?